Friday, April 20, 2012

National Tropical Botanical Gardens

Aloha Cousins~Here in Hawaii, older ladies are referred to as Auntie and friends/family are known as "cousins/cous".  The first time I heard the phrase "Auntie", I thought it was our friends "aunt" until she gently explained the meaning.  Yesterday was a bright and beautiful day here and we had a great time touring the Allerton garden; beware you may be in for photo overload. I have narrowed down the photos for each day and hope you thoroughly enjoy them.  Here in Kauai, the temps have been in the 70's, some days with a cold wind blowing and overcast skies.  Being the Ca. girl I was and now Colorado girl, I love warmer temps, like they have on Maui or the big Island.  I am thankful for the wind though, because the big island is having some issues with smoke/ash from the volcano, so the wind blows it all out to sea and we are not impacted by it.
If you ask me what the botanical names of the plants are, I couldn't tell you-we were too busy getting photos and lagged behind on the tour a bit. 

Love the bull frogs here.
The small gray fish are Talapia-yep what some of us use for Fish Tacos.
Bird of Paradise
Rose Ginger
Three wahinies, from left-me, Peggy and Judy
So many cool water falls, all flowing by gravity, no pumps.
Well, it is another golf day here and I'll be without a car, so think I'll just visit all of you and sit out by the pool, reading.  This weekend the weather is supposed to get really wet and cold, so I'm not sure what we'll be doing.  Next week more of the same is forecast; so I told hubby he needs to get out on the links, as much as possible. It's hard to believe our time is half over but this nana is really missing her grands. 
Have a blessed weekend dear ones! Noreen


  1. awww.... love you and miss you... i'm heading out here in a couple of minutes but will try calling you later.

  2. Love the photos...especially glad that you caught the bull frogs!! When I was in India the young women used to call me 'Aunty' I, too, was a little surprised at first! Enjoy the rest of your trip. Joan

  3. Love the photo you are sharing.

  4. How gorgeous my friend. You know...that Bird of P is ALL OVER Cali! I forgot about that!

    Love all your photos. I call all my Aunts AUNTIE! :)

    Auntie P
    Auntie C
    Auntie G
    Auntie B
    Auntie M

    :) Sweet! xoRebecca

  5. Noreen- What wonderful if you could only put smells with the photos...except for an ASH from the volcano you might get a whiff of here and there.

    Your time is half over already? Soak up every wonderful day of sun you can. I know what you mean about missing the kids though..and I know you will be glad to see them.

    Are your friends still there, too? Hope your day is wonderful - xo Diana

  6. Too bad you didn't share more. (c: But I appreciated what you did share. I am wondering though what cold in Hawaii means???? (c: Enjoy!

  7. oh Noreen you are making me so "homesick" except for the part about the VOG--hated the vog!!
    enjoy your weekend.

  8. How absolutely beautiful Noreen. What a privilege it must be to walk in that paradise. Here in SA, we have a fast food shop by the same name - Kauai - which offers all sorts of exotic dishes, and is the place from which I buy my Chai tea. Enjoy your holiday - you deserve it. Lotsaluv to you and your friends,

  9. And that's why our trips are only a week long ... if they're any longer, I just miss our grands way too much. We have friends who winter in Florida ... while I must admit that sounds appealing (a beach, warm weather, etc.), I just don't know how she manages to go that long without seeing her grands. ;-) Have fun!

  10. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I really enjoyed looking at your blog and some of your older posts too. Your pictures are just beautiful - those of the scenery AND the grandchildren. What a blessing!

  11. Aloha, Cous!
    What beautiful flowers and 'cousins'! I love all the sights, smells and sounds there. Don't you just wish you could bottle the sound of the ocean and pull it out every so often to enjoy? :)


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