Monday, April 16, 2012

His Creation

Yesterday hubby and I went for a drive; the weather has been so incredible here and I had to get out in nature.  Everything around me shouts His Name and I marvel at the beauty here.
Up north, near Princeville; there is a lighthouse and animal sanctuary where you can see the birds of prey and view the coastline for miles.  Although we saw a couple of whales on Saturday, the ranger told us that there were none in this area.
Everywhere you look, you see fruit-bananas, coconuts, pineapples and other delicious fruits. 
Many of the birds at the sanctuary were nesting. 
Today hubby and his friends are playing golf and the girls will shop, have lunch and sit by the pool; what more could you want? 
Have a great day dear ones.  Noreen


  1. What gorgeous pictures. Don't think I have ever seen bananas growing on a tree like that! Glad the weather is good, and that you are having such a good time. ENJOY!

  2. It all sounds so beautiful, when you are surrounded by such beauty how can you not think of our creator. Enjoy!

  3. I am soo sooo sooooo jealous I can hardly stand it. Have fun at the pool and think of your pooooooor Wisconsin friend whose thermometer is dipping well below freezing tonight. Have fun!>) xo Diana

  4. Lovely lovely pictures......
    Can't help but have a great time there, it is just so beautiful.

    Glad you are getting to lay out by the pool, know that will be relaxing.

    Have yall been up to Waimaia canyon yet? We got some portugese bean soup and cornbread in their park restaurant, and it was amazing.............

    Well, have a wonderful time,
    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  5. It truly is paradise, isn't it? What a beautiful place that I'm so glad you're enjoying and sharing with us!!

  6. First, Happy Birthday to your sweet Peanut! I know how they grab our hearts and squeeze tight with their love. Our grandchild number two will be five this month too.
    Oh, how I am thinking of you in Paradise! We love Hawaii, as I have often said before, and I am so desiring a trip to that majestic place. Are you seeing lots of wild chickens around?
    Have a wonderful, wonderful time my friend. I know you are!!!!!

  7. Hi there! I wanted to respond to the question you left on my blog the other day in reference to my two bichons, Chloe and LadyBug! My girls are not hyper...I think perhaps it is the poodle in the bichon-poo that is the hyper one. It also has alot to do with breeding...and the way they are brought up. My Chloe was purchased way back in 2004 from a breeder and I raised her with our Newf/Lab mix...and he was VERY mellow! She learned so very much from him. Sadly, he passed away a couple of years ago and I adopted LadyBug from Bichon Rescue...specifically Delaware Valley Bichon Rescue in NJ. There are so many bichons out there that need help! I wish I could have taken more than one!! LadyBug's owner had passed away and that was why she was brought into rescue. She has been a wonderful addition to our family. As I said, it is difficult to know what the disposition of each dog will be, but if you are going to get a puppy, a reputable breeder will have a very good idea of the temperament of their own dogs. A very good, reputable breeder cannot be beat and I will give you the name of one where you may start looking... There are many questions about bichons that are answered on Donna's website as well. I wish you the very best in your search!! If you are interested in rescuing a bichon, please feel free to ask me any questions you would like...the prices of rescues are significantly less expensive. I'm here to help...ask away!! Enjoy your wonderful trip to Hawaii!! Beautiful pictures!!
    Jeanne of bichonpawz

  8. So glad you having such a good time. It is well deserved.

  9. Beautiful pictures. It sounds like you are having a great time. Thanks for sharing!

    Blessings & Love


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