Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Aloha dear friends,  This morning is a relaxed one as hubby is out golfing and I can just sit here, since it is still early and the wind is very cold outside, and visit with you.  Grab a glass or cup of your favorite beverage and join me, won't you.  It's so amazing that in blogland, we can transport ourselves to other places with a simple click of the mouse.   On Sunday, hubby and I drove up to Princeville and visited some of our favorite sites; this lighthouse is among them.  It was so interesting weird because there was this gal, adorned like an actress-a very old actress who was being filmed; I say weird because the dialog was so strange, almost like a S.N.L. episode.  We couldn't get away from her fast enough; I didn't even want to hang around and see what was going on,it was that strange.  There was no way we were going to take a photo of her, even though it would have been an interesting picture.
The country side-so pretty.
I think they are growing Taro plants.
Yesterday while the hubbies were off playing golf, the two gals and I spent the day together.  We shopped and had a nice lunch, drove around and even hit the local Walmart here.  This is one of the gardens,at the Marriott, where one couple is staying.  We always feel like we are hob-nobing with the rich and famous when we are at their resort.  After the men returned, we all went out for Mexican food-it was early and I got a shredded beef taco for two dollars(it was really good)and with rice and beans it was six dollars.  It wasn't at a stand, by the side of the road, but a nice restaurant; can't beat the price. After taking one couple back to their condo, we all played cards and dice; we got beat.
This morning hubby left to play nine holes of golf with the guys but before he left, he took these two photos-sunrises are so glorious here.
Until tomorrow~Noreen


  1. It just sounds like you are having a wonderful time in a gloriously beautiful place! How wonderful, even if I am a little envious, haha. Can't beat that price, your right! Hugs!

  2. Hi Noreen,
    so enjoying your pics....they are
    bringing back memories for me.

    They did have the most glorious sunrises and sunsets for sure.

    Glad you are having such a good time.
    Blessings for a glorious week hon,

  3. don't know why but going to wal-mart in paradise made me laugh.

  4. I never tire of seeing the beautiful sunsets on the ocean! I especially love that the sun is framed by the palm trees. Enjoy your time in paradise!

  5. beautiful pictures
    strange lighthouse experience!!!
    sounds like you are having a great time (o;

  6. Aloha Noreen,
    We will be staying at the Marriott, not the Marriott Resort, the other Marriott..Silly me I am at work and writing you during lunch, so I don't have my hotel information with me. The Lighthouse looks like a nice place to see, I love lighthouses.
    keep the pictures coming..
    Hugs, Elizabeth

  7. Beautiful scenery Noreen, and sounds like you are having a wonderful time, you know I am so jealous, in a good sort of way. lol Also you know you forgot to take something with you don'r you ?... Me!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. ALOHA!
    I'm so glad you and hubby are getting away for a while!
    What beautiful pictures! I love the islands, the breezes, and palms swaying. Did you try to hula dance? It was worth asking(smile)
    Have a blessed time and bottle up some of that sunshine to take home with you.
    Love & hugs!

  9. Noreen- How beautiful. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time even if you did lose at cards!

    HEY- Were you not even thinking of your wonderful NOSY blogging friends that would want to KNOW what that old tart was up to? Surely you could have taken just ONE teeny little picture. Now..I shall always be wondering...WHO did Noreen see and WHY was she there and WHAT was she doing? See, and now you have left me hanging.

    Well, I will wish you a good day tomorrow anyway...but please NO MORE MYSTERY TEASES! xo Diana

  10. Looks like you are having a great time. Wish I was there too!!

  11. Enjoy sweet friend!
    I have never been to Hawaii, even though I lived in Seattle for 18 years and many of my friends visited there.
    Love all the pics you're sending out. ((HUGS)) from Georgia


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