Thursday, August 11, 2011

Today is Thankful Thursday and Laurie at is hosting our weekly gathering; please drop by and say hello.
Our geographical area is high plains and  we have many ranches and farms locally. Much of the corn grown here is for bio-fuel but in August, the farmers market sell sweet corn and there is nothing like it.  I always love driving past the fields and looking at the rows and rows of cornstalks.  Some are crowded while others are straight rows that you can imagine walking down. I think part of the orientation depends on what the corn is used for.  Monday as hubby and I came home from our daughter's, we stopped at a ranch and bought a dozen ears. Upon arriving home, I immediately cut the corn off the stalk and put it in heavy duty freezer bags for the winter.  We did this two years ago and loved having healthy fresh-frozen corn; at least it tasted better than something you'd get in the freezer department of a market.  I stopped buying frozen produce years ago, just due to the additives and in the winter the fresh vegetables are limited so this is a welcome addition to any meal.
I've already been walking and may ride my bike to the library to return one book.  I've still got two others that I'm halfway through. 
I am thankful for the abundant riches that He graciously pours out on His children.  I am thankful that hubby and I were able to get more dirt dug out from the window wells yesterday, in the cooler weather.  I am thankful that we are healthy enough to do manual labor.  I am thankful for prayers being answered in the lives of many.  I am thankful for family and friends and you!
Hugs today, Noreen


  1. Your post made me hungry for sweet corn! Hadn't thought about putting it in the freezer for winter. Thanks for the tip.

    Always appreciate it when you stop by Life Lessons. You made a great point. Sometimes it seems easiest to overlook our 'holes' until they enlarge to the point when they can no longer be ignored. By then it takes a lot longer to repair them!

    Sounds like you've done a lot of work! I'm headed your way to pick up that clay!! :) Have a beautiful week, my friend!

  2. You are so right about that fresh corn....It's wonderful....We have been buying fresh corn now for several weeks and I am always sad when the season is over....We're having lots of tomatoes and they are good too.....I should do as you have and freeze some corn...

    I hope you have a wonderful day.....

  3. Hi Noreen! Its my 'catch up day' and I've enjoyed catching up on your blog! I'm hopeful that Reggie continues to have rest filled nights, and you do as well! The book looks really interesting, I'll have to look for it.

    I hope you've had a good day. It's beautiful here in Virginia, and I'm enjoying being home with Rudi and the others sleeping nearby!

    Take care!!

  4. Ah sweet corn fresh from the farm, and a good idea to freeze some for winter days.

  5. Hello! I LOVE LOVE LOVE fresh corn. This is a wonderful tip on freezing it for winter. I've been soo busy it seems...kind of behind everywhere. Oh well, it all gets done eventually. I love this song you have playing her on your blog...may just sit here a while and sing along. BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD! : ) Hope you had a good day! HUGS

  6. What a blessing that sweet corn will be this winter! Enjoy!

  7. We have been purchasing our sweet corn from the Amish and have been enjoying eating it for the past week or so. So delicious...Fall is rapidly approaching. Can't believe it. The temps here today were hovering around 68.

    Love you,

  8. I am thankful for you and for your blog. I am so impressed with how much walking you and exercise you and your husband get. It is inspiring to me.

    I will be freezing corn soon too. It does taste so good in the winter. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog.


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