Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Passing on traditions

You all know that since childhood, I've always been interested in crafts-not very good mind you, but still interested.  I've done just about everything there is except weaving and spinning and my longest interest has been quilting.  I love hand quilting but never got good at applique; but my youngest girl not only quilts but machine quilts and does applique. It is no surprise then that her firstborn, little Miss S age 6, should be interested in quilting, applique as well as knitting.  Today when I was over, Miss S and I sat down and I was able to show her how nana quilts; this is the beginning of a nature scene.  I didn't realize that I need to formulate specifics when teaching the grands how to stitch but I do.  I'm so very proud of her work and if she is starting at this age, I think she'll have it mastered by her middle years-I see some fair ribbons for my granddaughters in the future for they all love to create with fabric.
Enjoy your day my friends,


  1. How neat to pass along your passion for quilting to your granddaughter! Looks like she's blue ribbon material! Have a blessed day, Noreen!

  2. How wonderful for your grand that she has you as quilting teacher and you love spending time with her, so it is a win win situation.

  3. What a blessings that she is interested in the same thing as you are and that the two of you will be spending lots of time quilting together....Looks like she has a big headstart.......I love it....I dream that my granddaughter will like to participate in some of my interests......she's four and is beginning to show some interest....

    Stay cool and hugs and blessings,

  4. What a blessing a godly grandmother is, whether you're in the area of Scripture or lovely areas of homemaking that can be passed on to the next generation. Your children and your children's children are very fortunate!........Denise

  5. Oh Noreen ...how absolutely wonderful!! Sharing your love of quilting is such a gift and something I am certain she will come to treasure more and more as she gets older. My "nana" shared with me some of our favorite recipes that she made for us. She shared the how to's, and the "secrets" to them as well.
    It made me feel so special at the time and now that she is gone I can't even express how wonderful it is to be able to carry on a way in which she shared her love for all of us. I can feel her with me and it brings me such joy!

    Thank you sooo much for your prayers for Jantzen! It means so much to have such a prayer warrior interceding on our behalf!!

  6. I did some weaving in college...just needed some fun classes each year. Quilting is the one crafty thing I wish I could do. Well I would love to be able to paint also~~~maybe that will be part of heaven. So cool that you can enjoy these things and share them with your grands.

  7. Thanks for stopping by Life! It's always great to see your smiling face! Good insights too - "whether an infection spreads quickly or slowly it still affects us-be it in the physical body or the spiritual one." I have to say I agree. I felt pretty puny on Friday and Saturday before the antibiotic was able to do its thing! Best to be rid of the infection! Have a very blessed week! Hugs!

  8. How wonderful, Nor! I'm doing quite the opposite and having our oldest, Sam teach me how to crochet!! Can't wait to master it and start making stuff!

    You're such a blessing to your family! I know you make their hearts sing! :o)
    Love you!

  9. My oldest granddaughter (7 y.o.) wants to learn how to sew. I don't know where to start. But I can't wait to pass the love of handwork down to the next generation. Especially since her mama hasn't had much interest.

  10. Precious...My Alianna shares my love of crafting, and my Jadyn shares my love of family history.

    So happy for you sister that you share this love of quilting together, praying it provides for both of you hours, days and years of loving memories .

    Hugs, Ella

  11. Good morning! I guess I missed this yesterday...spent the whole day at my mom's...Anyway, I can't think of a better teacher for her! I just know how happy that makes you to pass this knowledge and passion onto a precious granddaughter...nothing would make me happier. I love it....Have a good day my friend! Love you, Debbie


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