Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Outdoor Wednesday

 One of the wonderful things about our area is the Pelicans that arrive in the spring and stay until fall.  We've wanted to get a photo of one landing but so far haven't been able to.
The numbers are dwindling but we spotted these guys on our bike ride the other day.  We also saw an eagle last week but didn't have our camera...bummer. 
I'm walking in a few minutes and then hubby and I will be going on a ride later this morning. 
Have a wonderful day!  Noreen


  1. I love the pelicans!! I am a bird watcher and try to keep the hummingbird and other bird feeders full. The bluebirds and yellow finches are my favorites here.
    I enjoy the uplifting message of your blog!!

  2. Hi Noreen, how lucky are you to be able to see such beautiful birds!

    Our Duke is actually a "Cockapoo" which is a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle! But honestly, he's more poodle than cocker! LOL!!! My husband grew up with a cocker spaniel but I have dog allergies so a cockapoo was our compromise! He does not shed because he has hair and I have no problems with him. He loves to sit on my lap!

    Duke is 20 pounds of terror! LOL!!! He's lovable, affectionate and he loves playing with kids!

    We got him at Angels Cove, they are wonderful, and responsible breeders.

    Have fun looking at the puppies!

  3. Gorgeous pix! Thanks for sharing! We took a fabulous shot of a pelican as he soared overhead. Truly some of God's amazing creation! God bless!

  4. What a wonderful spot. Just beautiful.

  5. those are so beautiful! Pelicans are our state bird!

    sounds like y'all had a great time on your ride. love you!

  6. I love pelicans too! So fun to watch them dive. Manatees are another favorite. We see them in Central Florida.



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