Friday, August 26, 2011

Memories of Teen Years

When I was fourteen, my sister and her fiance took me out for a drive one Sunday to a destination that was a surprise to me.  I had recently lost the dog of my childhood and was terribly lonely; little did I know they were taking me to a kennel to look at puppies.  At the time, my dream dog was a cocker spaniel and although there were cocker puppies there, my sister led me away from them to a group of puppies that were terriers.  We were told that the puppies we were looking at were Cairn terriers and although they might have had Cairn in them I know that they weren't pure bred.  The kennel was what we would now refer to as a puppy mill even though it was somewhat clean and the dogs looked healthy, there was every breed represented.  We ended up getting a scraggy looking puppy who stayed by himself at the back of the run and although I wasn't sure at first, I fell in love with him quickly. I named him Aristotle, Ari for short.  My friends laughed at his messy look and even the dog trainer at our obedience class laughed at him and thought he'd never learn anything.  Boy, did Ari show him-he quickly became the star of the class and we even graduated early because he was such a quick learner.  I taught him agility before anyone knew what it was-except for service dogs.  Ari was so devoted to me and vice versa; he was a typical terrier in that when I left for a weekend he would stop eating.  He didn't like children, probably because he wasn't around them.  When I would go on bike rides I would have him heel next to the bike and he loved it.  I was very insecure and didn't have a lot of friends but I always had my sweet Ari to keep me company.  He would play hide and seek with me; as long as he was with me, life was good. When the first Benji movie came out, I couldn't believe that Ari looked just like Benji.  Ari lived to almost 15 and it was so hard to make that dreaded decision.  There have been many dogs in my life and I have loved all of them but there are three that really had my heart~my Ari,Sammy and our Sadie.  I am thankful for each dog that we've had, for they've all taught me something.
Sweet Reggie continues to hang in there with no signs of any brain tumor; we will continue to watch & monitor his behavior but for now we just enjoy his devotion.
Have a wonderful weekend friends.  Noreen


  1. Ari and you were perfect for each other and it is great that you found him, since you were looking for a different breed. Sweet story.

  2. The loyal devotion and sincere love
    of a dog is, in my opinion, unmatched
    by any other pet. I do have cats and
    love them so much but it's my eight
    month old mini long-haired dachshund
    that has stolen my heart. Toby never
    wants me out of his sight and it
    seems his greatest delight is just
    to look at me. We play games, walk,
    snuggle and just plain ole' sit
    around together.
    These pictures of all your past
    and present dogs are beautiful and
    I can just see the love in their
    I hope you will never allow yourself
    to be without a dog. I don't plan to
    ever again.

  3. What a great story about Ari...he sure was a cutie. People laugh at our Dodger's messy look, but still tell us he should be in the movies.
    I'm glad to hear that Reggie is still doing well.

  4. Wonderful post..!!
    Prayers for Reggie...

  5. Ari sounds lie he was great.

    What a lovely tail :-)

  6. What a sweet story. Isn't it amazing how our pets wind their ways into our lives and our hearts.

  7. Sounds perfect. I love puppy stories. Hope you have a grand weekend!

  8. I absolutely love to ruminate, especially when the memories are as sweet as this one.

  9. Ari was a beautiful dog!! I always loved the shaggy looking dogs and was hoping Gracie would look like Benji.. (but she didn't).. this is a great story!

  10. No, I love your stories and the love you carry in your heart for your dogs. I fell the same way.

    I was with some ladies today from Riverside and was telling them about you and how you pray for me and our ministry. They were so delighted to hear about you.

    I richly blessed because you are my friend. Hugging you, Love, Lynn

  11. Oh! how blessed I am by this memory Noreen, I too have been blessed by companions like Ari. Even now with our Lucy, so much joy she brings us.
    Praying Reggie continues to improve.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  12. Oh Noreen, what a touching post about a precious companion and friend who made such a difference in your life! People who have never felt a connection to an animal, are really missing out on one of life's most treasured blessings!!

    How wonderful to hear how well Reggie is doing!! His continuing to enjoy his days is a tribute to your love, care and devotion to him!!

  13. What a touching post Noreen. Ari sounds like he was the perfect friend. And he was so cute! It is so hard to lose our pets because they hold such a special place in our hearts. I'm glad you have such wonderful memories of Ari. I pray Reggie will continue to do well.

    I hope you have a blessed Sunday. :)

  14. Dear Noreen,
    What a special post! It was so touching to read about you and Ari...your relationship oozes out of your post! Thank you for this! I continue to think of you and Reggie as you deal with each day as it comes. He is so blessed to have you as his owner.
    Sending lotsaluv


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