Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A bright and cheery hello to all my friends~I have to say however, that I am not as bright as I'd like to be this morning; you see our old Reggie had a  very restless  night, unusually so, and panting heavily for over an hour(which seemed like forever).  He just didn't seem to be able to get comfortable but finally settled on his bed.  He has gotten up and walked around before but not like last night and that concerned me.  When he finally laid down on his bed though, he was out.  This morning both hubby and I were up and normally he'll get up as soon as he hears us but hubby had to wake him and then it took about 5 minutes before he came downstairs.  As I look at him this morning, he appears fine; he ate a good breakfast but doesn't like the natural, organic peanut butter that I hide his pill in. He prefers the traditional brands, you know the kind where it sticks to your spoon.  I don't know whether this behavior was just due to his age or if it was his body showing signs of his illness. 
On a more positive note, hubby and I are going to have a weeks vacation in beautiful Washington state in Oct.  We will be meeting friends in Seattle and then staying on San Juan island and Orca island.  We haven't been to this area before and it should be a great trip.  I have only been to Seattle once, so am now investigating sights to see among them is Pike's Marketplace.  If any of you have favorite places that are must see for either the islands or Seattle, I'd love to hear about them. It is still quite a ways off but a girl can get excited early, can't she?
I'm off to walk and then do strength training-got to build those bones up; for any who think this is a hard workout, I've got to say it isn't-just don't like it that much but if it helps my bones then I'll do it.
Have a blessed day.


  1. Oh, poor Reggie. Hopefully the aversion to the peanut butter is just finickiness due to his age and he'll have a good day today.

    I've never been to Seattle and would love to visit that area some day. So no advice ... just wishes for a fantastic time!

    Have a great day!

  2. Good morning Noreen. I am so sorry to read that Reggie is having such difficulty. I know this weighs heavy on your heart. Continued prayers for him.
    As for your trip...I am so excited for you! I have always wanted to see that area, and never have yet. But I will.
    Have fun!

  3. Good morning! Poor Reggie...I've been praying for him and sure hope he has a good day today. Your trip sounds wonderful. My brother lived near there for a few years, and yet I never did get to the area. Should be fun. I always get excited early...don't see anything wrong with that, haha..Have a wonderful day. HUGS

  4. Hi Nor, Your trips sounds like it will be delightful! Spencer from Bellemere Cottage lives with a view of Mt. Ranier out her front door. What a gorgeous state.

    Still praying for Reggie. He is in God's loving hands, and there is no better place for him.

    Love you lots!
    Big hugs,

  5. Hi Noreen,
    Sorry to hear your doggie is showing signs of not being too well. So hard to see them getting older....probably how are kids feel about us!! lol

    That is exciting to plan for a trip,
    and of course, you can get excited early, that is all part of the fun.
    Hope yall have a wonderful time when you get to go.........October will be here before you know it.....
    Blessings friend,

  6. You will love Seattle in the early Fall. Late September and early October are usually the best months.

    Like September in San Francisco. There should be sunny days and blue skies and very cool nights.

    The San Juans are absolutely beautiful. You might try to make it to Victoria, B.C. I like it better than Vancouver,B.C. because it is not a big city.

    Just a bit away from Port Angeles is Hurricain Ridge, in the Olympic National Forest. Please try to go there for me ;)

    Hope your dog is better soon.

    xoxo Bunny Jean @Bunny Jean's Decor and More!


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