Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Outdoor Wednesday

 We always know that August is here because all over our lovely town, sunflowers are in bloom and this year we even had two plants spring up in our backyard.
Our flowers have reached their peak and will begin to die back.  The Cicadas have arrived with their song and as old wives tales go, it will be six weeks til the first frost.  We have thunder showers more regularly and the humidity is up.
Hubby and I went on a 9.5 mile bike ride this morning, around our town lake and it was very nice.  Of course, I am dripping wet right now and a cold shower sounds really good.
All in all, life is good; our Reggie holds strong.
Stop and admire the beauty of your area.
Hugs, Noreen


  1. 6 weeks until your first frost? It's liable to be 6 weeks before we get consistently cooler weather. Hope I don't have to wait 6 weeks to get back out on the bike.

    So glad that Reggie continues to hold his own ... praying that you have many more good days with him. {{hug}}

  2. I must make a big sign somewhere in the house....PLANT SUNFLOWERS! For several years I have forgotten to buy seeds. I want a variety....some with the burgandy brushed into the leaves. We look like death warmed over around here. Severe drought has kind of edged our way. Things are beyond droopy and downright crispy brown dead. We've all quit trying to water. I think our first frost is usually around the beginning of Novemeber.... Stay cool!

  3. Hi there Nor'
    I am so glad to hear that Reggie is hanging in there. I know its hard, but hang in there.
    Your sunflowers are gorgeous. Tis my daughters birthday today and I bought her a bouquet which includes sunflowers. They are such 'happy' flowers, aren't they?!
    Sending lotsaluv to you...and our mutual friend :)

  4. I give you credit to do such a long ride when it is so hot. I am anxious too for Fall!!

  5. Our summer has only been here about a month so far. I sure hope frost isn't on its way already!


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