Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Friday

Yesterday hubby and I walked through a local sculpture park that we had heard lots about.
 Aren't these turtles just amazing!
 A surprise~a heron in the water next to the trail.
 This piece was incredible-the artist was amazing; it was so life like.

 I would love to have this fellow in my garden.

 I can see children grabbing the hands ready to play.
Loved this grandma sitting in the shade.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with smiles and laughter.


  1. wow....those are all so cool. I LOVE the children in the circle. Hope you have a grand weekend Noreen!

  2. Thanks for sharing your walk with us in pictures...I love the realistic sculptures.
    Just found your blog the other surfing I guess. 8~)
    Take care,
    Nancy aka Mommy 2

  3. loved the tour....

    happy to see you and reggie today, my friend

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  4. These are incredible.....I like several of them in my garden.....WOW..

    Have a great weekend, friend...

  5. Hi! Noreen, wow~ love all of them. Have a great wk-end!

  6. Those sculptures are so fascinating. There's a sculpture park over in St. Louis ... haven't been there in some time and need to get back one of these days.

    Praying you have a good weekend, friend!

  7. Sent you an e-mail.

    When we lived in Wpg., there use to be a garden just like the one you visited. We so enjoyed visiting it. Glad you enjoyed your tour. Hugs

  8. What an awesome park!! I just love the one of the kids playing in a ring. I've never seen anything like that! I also liked the little lady sitting in the shade. Thanks for sharing these with us today.

  9. Loved "my" walk! Hope you had a blessed weekend.

  10. Hi Noreen,
    How is Reggie?? Still with you I hope!
    Love your wonderful walk with all the beautiful sculptures!! Thank you for sharing them with us!!
    Tinker is so happy to have a home she is working as hard as she can to please. They said she was a year old or older. I don't believe it!! She is still cutting teeth!! She loves to chew and chew on anything. I am putting things in her mouth all the time that is aright to chew on!!!! She is being real good so far about coming when called.
    I am lucky!!
    xx, Fern & Tinker

  11. Oh I love these and love seeing them around our area also...I have always dreamed of having one with the children playing...thanks for the pictures...nice stroll with you

  12. HI Noreen,
    Loved seeing all these beautiful
    sculptures. What a gift this artist has...........wonderful!!

    Thanks for sharing them with us,
    Love ya, Nellie

  13. I am curious where the lovely sculpture park is?

  14. I tried to reply to your email but it came as
    NanaNor's <>
    Anyway my son and his wife live in Ft Collins and she works in Loveland {speech/language teacher}. I will put it on my list for our next visit.


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