Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I love flowers and Glad's are no exception.  My mom always had Glads inside because my sweet dad always planted them for her.  Before you get to thinking I'm a master-gardener, I am not and these were purchased at the market yesterday.  I love the deep purple color and they are in my mom's favorite crystal vase.  It amazes me how something so simple can evoke such memories and the older I get the more that seems to happen. 
To all those who were impacted by the earthquake, please know I've been in a major one and you will be fine.  Of course you haven't seen me when I'm in a mall and the floor starts to vibrate-I immediately start looking around for the exits. 
Have a delightful Wednesday dear friends,  Noreen


  1. Pretty flowers...purple is my favorite color. 8~)
    Well, the forest fire season is upon us(its been late this year...thanks to the plentiful rain that God sent us) is very dry in Montana. We have fires very close...we are safe...its just very smokey. Please pray for the people near the fire & the firefighters.
    Take care,
    Nancy (Mommy 2)

  2. Beautiful flowers and I can see where they bring to mind memories.

    What a sweet memory to have!
    God bless,

  3. Hi Sweet Nor'
    Your glads are lovely! And so much more because they bring back fond memories. I have other things that do that for me, and it is such a joy.

    Hope your week is going well!
    Love you bunches!

  4. Hi Noreen. I am home, and catching up! How is your sweet Reggie?

  5. Hi Noreen,
    I love glads too...and purple glads my grandma loved also...
    Its so true that the simplest of things can bring back a special memory. Your post just brought back the memory of my Grandma and her love of anything purple and flowers.
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  6. As we age, we do love and visit our memories more often, don't we? I love the purple glads. I have always thought they were such a stately flower......

    We had no damage here in the part of NC I live....but thanks for the prayers...

    You make my day when you come for visits because your comments always leave feeling I have visited with a precious friend.....Thank you

  7. I love glads as well. It is thrilling to watch them continue to unfold and give such beautiful blossoms.

  8. Pink sweet peas always remind me of my mom. Unfortunately I don't ever see them in stores or at the florist. Maybe I should plant some. ;-)

    Give Reggie an extra hug for me, ok?

  9. Those remind me of my grandmom.

  10. One of the few flowers I have not grown,I keep telling myself I have got to try them, they also invoke special memories of my grandmother's garden. Yours are beautiful, enjoy them and your day.!


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