Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Monday

Greetings to you this new Monday, I had hoped to post this morning, early, but our internet was giving us fits so had to wait til now.  It has been a full day thus far; my walking buddy is back from her vacation so we hit the path first thing this morning.  After that I went to bible study and had a great time with just five of us ladies.  This afternoon I think will be spent on chores-laundry, straightening up etc. 
I keep running to the vets every week for more meds; I know it sounds silly but I only want to get a week-ten days pills at a time.  He seems to be hanging in there, no issues that we can see and until it changes he is enjoying a slow, lazy life. 
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, got some rest and maybe cool weather and are starting the week out fresh.
Until tomorrow, Noreen


  1. hi noreen and reggie.... good to hear all is well....

    happy to stop by today

    sening love and good wishes,
    kary and teddy

  2. Noreen
    I hope your fella hangs on for you. It is so hard to lose a beloved pet.
    Enjoy him while you can. Take care-Kimberly

  3. Sounds like a good day to me.....I am so glad Reggie is hanging on and in good spirits.....I hope he continues to do so.....

    It's raining here so we are hoping for cooler weather but I doubt that's going to happen....One can hope anyway.....

  4. So sorry you are going through hard...blessings and have a good week in the midst of this journey

  5. Glad to hear that Reggie is hanging on and confortable. I really loved last week's photographs of the sculpture garden. What a wonderful place to stroll.

  6. I'm just so glad to hear that Reggie is continuing to do well. I can certainly understand the desire to not stock up on dog meds ... they can be crazy expensive. We've got 2 dogs on long-term meds, so we know. ;-)

    Thought of you today when we got out on our bikes. My legs reminded me that it'd been at least 2 months since I'd been out on my bike ... with more nice weather in the forecast, I'm definitely not going to wait another 2 months for another bike ride. ;-)

  7. so thankful that you had a great weekend and are beginning your week with a great bible study! don't you just love bible study!

    have a great tuesday my friend. i love you!


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