Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Peaches For Winter

 Yesterday my youngest daughter, her oldest Miss S and I put up our first batch of fruit this year, namely Colorado Peaches.  We haven't canned since we lived in California and although 3.5 yrs isn't that long, when you don't can very often you can forget a lot. With two of us it went well and Kim got about a dozen quarts of peaches; she is already talking about our next batch.
 At six years old, Miss S wanted to be right there helping every step of the way.

Once the baby got up from her nap, she just wanted to be held-oh what is a nana to do?
 The first batch...I can just taste them already.  My girl did such a good job!!
 The joy  of daughters and the blessing of them carrying on skills and traditions.
I had forgotten how much easier it is to have an extra set of hands to join in the work.  Of course the fellowship is incredible also. I imagine next our oldest, Carrie, will want to join the fun too and do some canning for her gang.  When I grew up my mom always canned Apricots but unfortunately I was never interested in learning the process.  It wasn't until two girlfriends, twin sisters, taught me how to can that it became something the girls and I did each summer.  I never did can vegetables, in fact they scare me a bit but I well remember Y2K~we canned at least 75-100 pounds of fruit, just in case.
Blessings on your day,  Noreen


  1. Those look beautiful! I'm so hungry for AMAZING peaches right now. We have a truck that appears some times on a local highway....he drives the peaches up from Arkansas. Shared work is always more fun. Glad you are close to your kids to enjoy such times.

  2. Good Morning Sweetie...
    Oh what a gorgeous share this morning. I love seeing the beautiful faces this morning of your guest daughter and grand daughter as well. Beauty runs in the family I see.

    Your peaches look so yummy and the color is gorgeous when canned. They are going to make some nice pies and cobblers for the winter. Yummy. Thank you for sharing with me this morning. Smells heavenly over there.

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  3. Your girls and your jars of peaches are beautiful. I know those peaches will be a yummy treat this winter.
    I love the aprons on everyone.

  4. What fun to be able to spend the day with your daughter and grandchildren putting up peaches.....
    And oh how good they are going to be this winter..Just looking at the jars made my mouth water.....

    You are so blessed to have her and the kids close by so you can enjoy these ever day kind of get togethers....

    You looked so happy in these pictures....being a grandma is wonderful isn't it?

  5. There is really nothing to compare with the joy of spending time with your daughter and granddaughter!
    It's great that your little granddaughter wants to help and learn too. Oh, that little gal sure has a head full of curls!
    They are both such cuties.

  6. Canning is something that I have not done myself. Maybe this is the year !

    It looks as If it will be delicious and a great reminder of summer.

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Bunny Jean's Decor and More! (my Main blog)

  7. Sweet delights, Noreen! Great job, Kim, Miss S, and Little Bit(for hugging your Nana so tight~smile)
    This is what life is made up of.
    Later when you all are tasting those yummy peaches, those memories of that day will come back to your minds.

  8. Those look so beautiful, thanks for sharing your life with others, I usually freeze everything, I had a bad experience on time, and have never canned again.

  9. I would like to learn to can. I'd like to start with peaches, but around here, they just pick them too soon ... and even with time, they never really ripen up properly. I'd hate to go to that much trouble only to have canned substandard fruit. Besides, the best part, I would think, would be the fun with daughters and grandkids! ;-)

  10. Peaches!!!
    Mercy sakes....i want some!
    It's been a while since I had peaches. Sounds delicious.
    I have never canned and it is on my bucket list. I know a link is missing in my chain.

    I remember Y2K and we stocked up on supplies just in case and lived to tell about it. I still have some of the stuff we haven't used up. Think it's a good thing to be stocked up Y2K or not. Grins.

    Your peaches look splendid.

  11. Hi Nor' I love seeing these photos of you in Nana mode! They actually made me tear up...my heart just longs to meet you! One day...

    So glad you had such a good time. And what precious memories for everyone! You rock, my friend!
    Love ya bunches,

  12. looks like you guys are having a ball canning this late summer...

    looks so great

    noreen..i am like you..i am afraid of canning...i have never done it either...i have made tomato sauce and froze it...but when i defrost it it always seems watery... i don't know what i am doing wrong...

    i did get great new book on canning about a week ago called The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook...it is WONDERFUL...it is written by a girl who sells her jams at the berekley farmers market...you can see alot of it on amazon...just put it in the search bar...

    happy to see you today, my friend

    hugs to you and reggie
    p.s. you daughter and grandbaby are adorable !!!!

    kary and teddy

  13. Noreen,

    This looks like such a fun day! I really need to learn how to can fruit and veggies. My grandma taught me once a very long time ago, but I have forgotten.

    To answer your question on my blog, no I have never lived in North Cal. I am a So Cal Girl...born and raised! :)

  14. Oh boy, do these look wonderful! Little Miss S looks a lot like my little Rissi. What an angel! And the baby ~ just adorable. Your daughter looks very happy to be spending quality time with Mom... You are so blessed!!

  15. Those peaches look so YummY :)
    Thank you Noreen, for stopping by my blog and offering your 'answer' to my question. I am putting together tonight and praying she receives it in the manner in which I am sending it. Have a super rest of your week!!

  16. what gorgeous looking peaches. I'd be too tempted to eat them before they even got as far as the jar! Good for you all - a job well done. Blessings!

  17. Hi Noreen,
    I used to can peaches every summer with my mother. It was a lot of work, but so much fun to be working together! Some lovely memories! My mom canned a lot of different fruits, and made jams, but never canned vegetables either. Hopefully one day my girls and I will do the same. Your grand daughters are precious! :)

  18. It is a blessing when your children want to carry on your traditions. My mother canned so much, we had a large storage room in the basement that would be filled with veggies and fruit by mid September and pretty empty by June. I don't can much anymore except jam and pickles.

  19. Hi there, I saw your question on Kary's blog My Farmhouse Kitchen about canning tomatoes. I've been canning tomatoes for about 4 years now - that's how long I've been canning. They are very easy, it's like putting your summer garden in a jar!

    Do you have the Ball Blue Book of Canning? There are some great recipes. Also, on my blog I just posted my canned pickles and a Ball website for canning. If you have a moment check it out. It's a great website.

    Happy to meet you and now follow you. Please stop by when you have a moment. I love company and new friends are always welcome.

    Have a great week and happy canning!


  20. What a sweet way to spend the
    day! How I love peaches!


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