Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Thursday friends~Do you ever have those mornings that are just a bit slower than others?  This morning I'm feeling a bit tired although I didn't miss any sleep.  Iris is hosting TT so please pop over and say hello.  You can find her at Today, I am especially thankful for this earthly vessel I reside in.  When we are young, we often don't give any thought to the things are body is able to do easily; you know running, playing sports and other various things that are so commonplace. As we age though, we find our limitations and often our bodies can dictate just what things we can participate in and want to participate in.  When hubby and I were first married we not only water skiied every weekend but also laid cement, built fences, put a roof on our home and did whatever was needed.  We played softball, racquet ball, tennis, rode our bikes and hiked.  When I was in my 40's I injured my back and when I asked the doctor how it could have happened he said that it wasn't just this one thing but a host of things I had been doing when I was younger.  I tell you I didn't give a second thought to lifting heavy items such as rocks or cement but I sure paid for it later.
Today, I am thankful for this frail body I reside in with all its peculiarities and weaknesses.  I am thankful for a best friend who needs to walk her dog every day and lets me tag along.  I am thankful for this friend who also does the weight strengthening exercises-some of which we hate-so that our bones won't get any weaker and maybe get stronger.  Love you Kam and am so thankful for you!  I am thankful for my sweet man, who despite continual pain in his neck from bad discs, never complains but will press through the pain to play golf and ride bikes.  I am thankful for two legs that work, for walks in a beautiful area with a view of the Rockies and for long bike rides.  I am thankful for the struggle with gaining a few pounds because it means I have enough to eat each day.  I am thankful for this body, despite the fact that it doesn't look like it did when I was young, it is still functioning well.
I am thankful for life.  Abundant life.  Sanctified Life.  Eternal Life.
How about you? 
Enjoy your day today friends. Noreen


  1. Noreen, you are so right....we might not be able physically to do some of the things we used to but now I find I am smelling the roses more.....I think God planned it that so we can gain wisdom from our youth........

    I like you am very thankful that I can still pretty much do whatever I want maybe just a little slower.......after all how would we ever slow down for our grandchildren if we were still going at such a fast pace.......

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.....

  2. Enjoy your day also, hope your weekend is a very blessed one, hugs my friend, Barbara♥

  3. thankful He chose know Him, to choose Him.

  4. Such a wonderful post.. Taking time today to take care of this vessel I reside in.


  5. So did you find a campground on wednesday?
    We have to park the camper in the a gravel lot for will just be packed with vehicles and I hate that....but the surrounding campgrounds are already RESERVED ): I have to start learning to reserve...we never use to have to do that. I will take pictures.
    I always say to my will regret lifting that (refrigerator) or whatever some day...but my Mother use to say that to me too.

  6. So many people we know have health issues; and many of them younger than us. I am so very, very grateful for our good health (even if I'm not all that happy about ongoing dental issues).

    No matter what, life is good; God is good!



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