Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Outdoor Wednesday

Somehow yesterday just seemed to get away from me.  I had two walks in the morning and it felt great; then ran errands before starting to hand quilt the baby quilt for my good friend in California. 
Over the weekend, at our town garage sale, hubby and I found him a new bike.  Our bikes are almost twenty years old-go figure-where does the time go? Anyway, we have classic mountain bikes because of the terrain we had in Ca.  Now that we live in the flat lands or plains we didn't need that as much anymore, although we still go on dirt trails.  Hubby was noticing that it was not as comfortable to be leaning forward so we had been looking for a more upright bike, which we found at a yard sale.  Yippee!!!  This morning we are going to ride to our Post Office, to drop off some bills and maybe even ride around town a bit.  All in all, it will be about 3-5 miles; I have wanted to get more active and I guess we are.  Tomorrow, Kam and I will walk then come back and do our weight training. 
Our weather is incredible and I love it!!!!
Get out and enjoy the amazing world we live in.   Don't forget to enter the drawing for my giveaway.
Blessings,  Noreen


  1. Enjoy the bike ride Noreen, I am working toward being able to ride mine for longer treks.!LOL~

  2. I love getting out on our bikes. At our previous house, we were just blocks from stores, etc., so we could ride our bikes all over town. That's one thing I miss at our new house ... we're in a subdivision that's out on the edge of a small town ... no way to get to town without riding on the shoulder of a rather busy road ... too scary for me. Enjoy your biking, dear friend!

  3. Hi! Noreen, I think I was able to leave a comment on give-a-way post! Sure hope so! But anyway maybe its fixed! Whoo~Yooh!

  4. we have rain and no sun (o:
    I keep looking at the bikes with the big seats and high handle bars....they cost to much..maybe a garage sale would be better. I have stayed away from sales because I have nooooo room for one more thing with the house so full of people.
    Please pray for Ty to get a call from the last Colorado Police department he applied to. He made it so far in the process and I am praying so hard he will get a call. I would love it if you share this prayer request with others....god will hear our pleas (o:

  5. Wow I am so impressed!! 8 miles!! WOW! You go girl!! How fun to go riding with your honey and around your town! I would sooo love that!

    Thank you so much for your prayers for Jantzen! Please continue. We are waiting on appts and praying for a specific neurologist right now. He supposedly only accepts adults but we are praying for favor and hoping he will make an exception! He comes very highly recommended! :)

    Have a blessed weekend my friend! Love you!


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