Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Thursday Friends,  Today Iris at Grace Alone,  is hosting our theme and she has chosen Food.  I think it is a topic that we can all agree to give thanks on, don't you.
I am thankful for the abundance of fresh foods that are available in today's world compared to 50 yrs ago.
I am thankful for the options for organic verses local fruits and veges.  I am thankful for more stores that are offering organic and not charging an arm and a leg for their produce.
I am thankful for fresh fruit and a variety of vegetables.
I am thankful for veges and herbs that grow in our garden and that our daughters grow.
I am thankful for new Gluten Free items that continue to hit the markets, for those of us that can't enjoy regular breads, pasta, grains and cookies.
I am thankful that although my scale has gone up a few pounds, hubby and I have been bike riding and able to ride between 8-14 miles in our little town at least three times a week.
I am thankful that I have the strength and ability to do a variety of exercise so that all the wonderful food doesn't just pack on my waist.
I am thankful for the bread of life and His daily provision for us.
How about you?  What are you thankful for today?
Blessings, Noreen


  1. Hi Noreen. I am commenting on several posts. First, the sweet. Love to watch mother nature in her glory!! And the quilt....Wow! You are doing a fabulous job. And I adore brown and blue together. I just did a blue and brown quilt top myself. I haven't quilted it yet though.
    On foods, isn't it wonderful to have so many choices. And so happy for those like you, who need the gluten free, that they are coming out with more every day!!! Have a wonderful day Noreen!!!

  2. Great list. I am thankful for tomatoes....just waiting...yummm

  3. What a timely post for be thankful.....the much needed rain we got yesterday to grow the wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables that are coming in now.....My blueberry bushes are loaded and they are so sweet and delicious.....fresh peaches are delightful.....

    Thanks for the post that has caused me to pause and be thankful......

  4. So many things to be thankful for!!



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