Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Good morning friends,  Well after having a week on wonderful weather this morning we awoke to rain, lightning and thunder.  Weather in Colorado is pretty wacky but really-this reminds me of northern Ca. winters.  So much for walking!    I sure hope mama keeps her baby warm and fed.  I'm not sure that more than one has hatched or is alive-time will tell.  I know this isn't the best photo but I've never seen a bird this young before; hard to believe that it will end up being just a small house finch-with that beak and eyes it looks like it will be a bigger bird.  Today I will do my indoor strength training exercises and then I imagine I will spend most of the day quilting.  Although I'm not doing an intricate design, just your plain Stitch In The Ditch, there is still a lot of stitching to be done.  My goal is to get the quilt in the mail before the end of the month so spending the day quilting is not a bad idea.
Hope you had a very productive day today.
Hugs, Noreen


  1. We finally have sun and 70 degree weather here in Wisconsin...it's been a loooong spring.

    I make quilts too. I am not very good at stitch in the ditch though...

  2. we got a refreshing rain last night! it has been so dry here in Louisiana that the whole state has been in drought! but God sent a cleansing rain last night! praise Him!!

  3. Good morning Noreen,

    Your baby birds are precious! I love rainy days! They give me the great excuse to stay inside and quilt Ha! Happy quilting my frend!!! Enjoy


  4. Neat. It looks like there are three in there. Keep us updated with photos. Love it.

    BTW, how do I sign up to get one of those quilts?? Hugging you.

  5. Sweet little thing. I enlarged it and that was even better. We did not have rain and thunder yesterday morning...funny. Hope it is nice for Friday (o:
    I hear Beth Moore is doing a new study on James. I have done all of the others. This summer my little ladies group that usually does hers is doing Pricilla Shires on Jonah. It is good...but I miss Beth. lol

  6. It's so nice to meet you.....I have enjoyed my visit browsing your blog and I am your newest member....

    A rainy day can be fun because I use the rain as an excuse to stay inside and create......I am a past quilter that intends to crank up the sewing machine soon......

    The baby bird is so precious......

  7. Hi Noreen,
    I spent most of the day on the computer. It takes so much time on dial up. I love a blog with very few pictures b/c it takes a lot less time to load. Also not a lot of things on their sideboard helps too!!
    I talk to Bambi all day long. I am starting to do better each day,, I cry
    less. It helps to talk to her and about her.
    I think I have told you we have a bluebird box. I have seen the babies the first day of their lives, with no feathers at all.
    Thanks so much for your visit!! I do so love your company.
    xx, Fern

  8. Thanks so much for sharing the picture of the baby bird. So precious.

    We had some serious storming going on this morning ... thunder and lightning and almost 2 inches of rain in a little over 3 hours. Sounds like we have more of the same for tonight/tomorrow morning.

  9. We got a bit of rain here tonight. It was such a nice evening and I love a good thunderstorm :)

    We have a bird that built a nest right above our outdoot speakers...It's HUGE. I would imagine there are eggs in it but it's up so high we can't even see it! :(

    I bet your quilt is beautiful. You should take a picture before you mail it off and share it with us!!

    Love and Hugs to you!

  10. Good morning! I missed this yesterday...I am trying to limit my computer time as my head is bothering me I think from my neck always bending down between sewing and my lap top....sigh....I am soo afraid I will miss something, haha. Amazing how attached I've become. I tried to explain it to my hubby....Anyway, the bird is darling. I'd love to have a good thunder storm once in a while here, but it just doesn't hardly ever happen. Mel gets them frequently. Hope you had a good day yesterday. I am finishing up the valances today. Can't wait to see the quilt! Love you! Debbie


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