Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just a sample

So many of you know our dear blogging buddy, Debbie, and have mentioned you can't wait to see the quilt I'm making for her.  I usually don't post photos before I'm finished but this morning sent these off to Debbie and thought I'd share them with you.  I decided not to do any intricate quilting designs because of time constraints but the quilting I am doing is covering a good portion of the quilt. Make sure you click on the second photo to get a good look at the quilting. Yes, I still hand quilt and it takes me longer than if I was doing it on a machine or having my daughter machine quilt it for me.
I have taken a machine quilting class but girls, honestly, I so love and prefer hand quilting.  I never mastered machine quilting and with hand quilting I can sit and stitch while watching t.v. at night.  I'm very happy with the overall look of this quilt and know it will match Debbie's items perfectly.
On the baby bird front~yesterday's photo made them look so much bigger than they are.  Last night while mama was away, one of the babies had its head resting on the top of the wreath.  It looked adorable and so very small. I haven't seen the dad at all; the mama is off quite a lot getting food for the three that we've seen.
Hubby will try to get a photo in a couple of days; I'm having so much fun when I look out our window to check on them.
Have a glorious Son-filled Wednesday.


  1. Hi Noreen,
    Beautiful quilt and I love the colors and pattern!
    I makeing a king size quilt right now in the double Irish chain with a seminole border.
    I usully use the natural cotton batting. What do you use?.
    Your hand stitching is lovely, I send mine out to be machine quilted.
    I will look forward to seeing this magnificent quilt all stitched.
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  2. Beautiful quilt ... and fine stitching!

    I've never tried basting with pins. I always baste with needle & thread. I wonder if the pins method would be easier/less time consuming/more effective??

    I, too, prefer to hand quilt (so much so that I don't intend to learn to machine quilt). I find it more therapeutic, and like you said, I can stitch while sitting in the living room with DH while watching TV. ;-)

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. Beautiful hand stitching......there is something very relaxing about stitching by hand......

    Aren't baby birds just the most amazing much to watch them grow and see the Mama feed them.....

  4. Oh Noreen it is sooo beautiful! I think the stiching is just perfect!! I am off to check my e-mail now so I can make them really better there for some reason. Sooo excited about this. Just can't hardly wait to see it in person, haha.....Love you! Debbie

  5. Oh Nor...your work is sooo lovely! What a blessing for Debbie and Melly!
    I know it will be a beloved treasure, and handed down through the years! What a deep joy that must give you!!

    Hope all is well! Trying to get back on track with everything following Hannah's birth.

    Love you bunches! Miss you, sweetie!

  6. The quilt is beautiful (o:

    TY GOT THE JOB (o:

  7. I think quilts are the perfect gift because they always are given in love, and become family treasures!

  8. Lovely quilt Noreen,and I love the hand quilting. Hours of love "sewn" into each block!

  9. Noreen,

    It is beautiful! What a gift to receive! Sooo much love put into it :) I am certain Debbie will treasure this ALWAYS!!

    Love you

  10. Hello, Noreen! What a beautiful quilt. God has truly blessed you with talent.


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