Monday, June 27, 2011

Ready to Fly

Athough you can't see all five babies, they are getting ready to fly; today I saw them preening their feathers and as you can see, although very small, they are definitely ready.  I've moved my chair to right below the nest so if they fall they won't land on the porch and might survive.  I/we haven't watched them this long to watch them perish.  I know survival rates aren't very high but still I don't want to be the cause.  Once they are gone for good, my wreath is coming down for a thorough inspection, possible cleaning or possibly a garage can destination.  I've loved watching them but next time I'd just assume the momma chooses a tree but I do think it was a blessing to get to watch them hatch, grow and develop.
May you soar with the eagles today!
Blessings, Noreen


  1. Good morning sweet Noreen! How darling those little babies are! It is kind of funny where she chose to build her nest isn't it? I have seen MANY strange places they have chosen too, haha...wish we could make them all safe, huh? Have a wonderful day....HUGS!

  2. How sweet...
    it is fun to watch them.
    exciting about the camper...
    we will talk
    I still think you should go up to Olive ridge by Allens Park. They have a playground there and it is a 20 to thirty minute drive to Estes...only pit toilets and no showers though. We know where there is a little store that has a shower you pay for close to there (o:
    we went to a BD party in Johnstown Sat. and it was soooo hot!

  3. It must feel great knowing you provided a safe place for these little lives-even if it cost you a wreath. This reminds me of the Andy Griffeth episode where Opie raises an abandoned baby bird. When ready he sets it free to fly away...Lesson learned...
    Have a beautiful day! Kathy

  4. Good grief. They grew up in two seconds. I have loved watching them too. And, you better hang another wreath so we can watch another group hatch next year.

    Soaring with the eagles..... Love you Noreen. Have a fantastic Monday. Hgus.

  5. I've enjoyed watching your little birds grow up! But I think you're like me in that you worry about them because you feel this responsibility for them and are glad when they leave! I hope you've had a good Monday!!!

  6. The birds are so cute and sound like they are fun to watch. I always hate when mother nature takes place and some do not survive.
    I just saw on the news at one of our Safeways that the birds have nest in the bushes by the parking and they have been attacking the customers. There is nothing Safeway can do about it since the birds are protected. I don't think I would like that.
    Marvin and I love to sit in our back and watch the birds though we just love them.
    Thanks for sharing

  7. Good evening, Noreen~

    Those precious little ones have truly been "blessed" to have been born at the home of such a loving and caring lady who does not want to see any harm come to them.

    I pray that each one's attempt to fly from the nest is successful!


  8. I have found some extra minutes in my morning and I want to let you know how very much I enjoyed my visit with you. As I read down through all of your last posts, I was reminded to thank God for those He so lovingly places in our lives to serve as reminders of Him and His amazing grace. I enjoyed reading each post, but my favorite was the "Thankful Thursday" one. I too love Beth Moore's Bible Studies, and am being reminded from every side in my life, to take time to "be still". Your beautiful, thankful heart was another reminder in this early morning hour.

    Congratulations on your anniversary! An Alan Jackson concert would be the perfect way to celebrate your lives together.


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