Monday, June 6, 2011

A Happy Monday Giveaway

Yesterday I had the privilege of hearing Don Piper speak and share his testimony.  I had read the book about three or four years ago and was impacted by it, but honestly friends hearing him share his story in person really impacted me.  His testimony wasn't just a sugar coated story but a real life miracle filled with God's word.  His focus is that Jesus is the Way, The Truth and The Life and no one gets to heaven except through Him.  I have recently read the book "Heaven is for real" and so much of Don's descriptions, which occurred 22 yrs ago, coincide with the story of the little boy.  While I have read criticism of Don's description of heaven, I for one did not take issue with it.  I found him to be an authentic, god fearing man whose love for the Lord shines through every word.
I hadn't planned on buying a book but couldn't pass up the chance to share an autographed copy with you my friends.   So all week I will be holding this open and on Friday I will announce the winner.
All you have to do is leave a comment and I'll enter your name once; if you are a faithful follower I will enter your name a second time.  This is a book that would be a wonderful tool in ministering to those who have lost a loved one.
Blessings on your day.


  1. Hi Noreen. Hope you are doing well. More soon.

  2. I've heard several recommendations for this book ... and it's on my reading list.

    Have a marvelous Monday, dear friend.

  3. I've had the privilege of hearing Don Piper in person myself. You are RIGHT! His experience is life changing for anyone who hears it.

    I've heard about this book...can you even imagine?


  4. I too LOVE his story and his book.

    He spoke at a conference here in MN last fall and my husband and I had the privilege of picking him up at the airport and taking him to/from his hotel.

    What a wonderful man!!

    Have a GREAT day!

  5. I've heard of the book but not any reviews from friends. Sometimes I wonder if it's like many things with we humans. God speaks steps 1-3 to us and our human minds fill in 4-300 in the process. So I always take books and stories like this with the attitude that God can speak Truth to me and not worry about EVERY detail that may seem off. Some of those things really don't matter. Plus I think we're ALL going to be very surprised when we stand before God some day and find out the REAL truth about how we thought about things or reasoned out about His Word. So I trust God to keep me from being led astray with things that really don't matter and to just allow the GOOD stuff to sink into my spirit. You're so sweet to want to share encouragement with your blogging friends. Hope you have a grand week friend!

  6. I recently put this book on my to read list as I saw it when I purchased the other book, "Heaven is for Real". I still need to get time to read that one. It might be my next read!

  7. I actually have the book and found it to be equally compelling. As much as I enjoy reading, I would much rather hear a story told, especially in the first person.

    What glories await us!

  8. WOW! I read that book a few years ago and I too would highly recommend it.

    Praying for you. Hope you are doing well.


  9. Don Piper has a great testimony and I really enjoyed his book!

  10. oh, i loved this book! melissa went to church with his daughter, Nicole, back in 2004 when melissa was a freshman at LSU.

    i would LOVE to hear him in person!

  11. I came over from Spiritually Unequal Marriage - thanks for mentioning this giveaway. I have never heard of this man or his experience. From your description and the comments left here, it sounds like one I would love to read. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy.

  12. I have not read that book....looks good. (o:

  13. Hi! Noreen, just testing on comment thing! I think it is working! I hope so! would love the book! I have heard of it! Have a great evening and Blessings for the give-a-way:) Thanks! and I do follow!

  14. I would love to be entered into your giveaway! :)I can only imagine hearing his testimony would be awesome!

    What a blessing!


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