Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Thursday friends. How is life in your neck of the world?  Yesterday, hubby and I had a wonderful bike ride-8 miles in all and today the only thing reminding me that I haven't ridden is my backside. Last night our weather turned again and we not only had rain, but hail and lightning which made me keep checking the weather channel for any warnings.  There are some areas that are experiencing flooding but so far we aren't having any.  I am thankful for warm weather, especially when the temp. drops 30 degrees in the period of one day.  I am thankful that our house finch hasn't abandoned her nest; in fact this morning there were three little finches(not babies) hanging out on the wreath-I think getting out of the weather.  I am thankful for being able to exercise with my friend this morning.  I am thankful that I will get to sit and quilt today before we head south to have dinner with friends.  I am thankful that the weather this weekend is supposed to be warm again.
I am thankful for the love of family and friends and most importantly my Lord.
Just a reminder, tomorrow I will be drawing a winner for my book giveaway-so if you haven't entered yet, leave me a comment and I'll put your name in the drawing.
Have a blessed day, Noreen 


  1. Hello! Our weather has just been crazy too. Nice and warm this week-end (in fact got sunburned at a ball game!) and now these last two cool, cloudy and even a little rain...soo weird. And yet I hear that so much of the coutry has already got major heat going and I am grateful. I know the heat will come and I will have to crank up the air conditioner and the bill is always soo bad...I have been really busy, but everything is coming along. I am sooo impressed you hand quilt. Oh my, how much work that must be. But it does make it even more special in my opinion. Hope you have a good day and a nice dinner with your friends. Love you!

  2. Hi Noreen, 8 miles Wow! good for you! The weather is certainly playing havoc, we are under a drought and very hot temps. I am glad that you are getting some warmer temps. I would be so happy to send you some if I could.~smile~
    I always enjoy reading thankful posts, I am looking forward to seeing Debbie's grand baby's quilt, I know it will be beautiful. I so admire women who are gifted with their hands.


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