Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Last month I posted photos of a Robins nest with four bright blue eggs in it; I was so excited that we would be having baby birds in the yard.  Unfortunately, there was a very bad rainstorm and the mama abandoned her nest, leaving the eggs there and never returning.  About two weeks ago we noticed that a House Finch had built a nest in the wreath that hangs by our front door.  Because I love to see baby birds, I quickly tied a string across our walkway, blocking the front porch to visitors-I didn't want this little bird to become frightened.  Some of you may be laughing at my silliness but I wasn't about to take any chances.  Last night when mama bird was out of the nest, my dear sweet hubby took our camera out to get a photo; it was difficult because of where the nest is built and it was getting to be dusk.  You can well imagine my surprise when I loaded the photo onto the computer-there were five eggs. Sorry about the blurred photo-you'd have to be here to understand.  I haven't researched House Finches to see what is typical but this seems like a lot to me.  I haven't seen the male around much and am wondering if they help as much as the male Robins do?  I am thinking these eggs should begin to hatch any day now and I know mama won't leave very often but we will try to get some photos, if possible.  I know that many birds can be more of a nuisance than a joy(remember my stories last summer about the Grackles) but I love that our Papa shares His creatures with us.
Have a blessed day.

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  1. Hi there Noreen,
    How wonderful about your baby birds! I, too, love these little ones. Here's a hint: If you want to watch them, put a mirror on a long stick and watch them through the mirror...A mirror is less invasive than a human head. (But you've probably thought of this anyway:))
    Enjoy this beautiful creation.
    Sending lotsaluv

  2. I enjoyed this as I have been a
    bird watcher for many years. It
    is normal for finches to have
    that many eggs from what I read.
    Just the other day I was watching
    a busy parent feed five little
    ones sitting impatiently on my
    deck railing.
    Enjoy the birds!

  3. Good morning! I don't think it is silly at all....The summer Mel got married (3 years ago tomorrow!) we had 2 nests under the eaves on our front porch. The eggs hatched 4 days before the wedding and they each had 3 or 4 babies...It was somewhat of a nightmare. We had soo many people going in and out of the house from out of town etc., and everytime anyone went in or out those mama and papa birds swooped around frantically flapping thier wings and chirping trying to protect their babies of course. It got so we could hardly get in and out...haha....haven't thought about that in a while. : ) Have a wonderful day. HUGS

  4. That is cool, I have some really small eggs in my Christmas Catus on the porch, cannot take a picture because it is down in the plant, lol good picture for sure. Hugs Barbara

  5. Love, LOVE this. Things like tiny bird eggs and watching them hatch delight my heart to the heights. Keep the photos commin. PS. Read the book and it was awesome. Hugs.

  6. How fun that you're protecting them. Those eggs look so tiny. We had lots of robins this year. My husband was happy when he could finally remove the nest on the fan blade on the back porch. Now he can use the ceiling fan again. :o)

  7. I have only had robins once...and i sure enjoyed them....it was fun to watch them leave. The last one stayed about a week longer than everyone else (o: I did get to see it leave finally.

  8. I love watching the baby birds too!! We have a blue bird box and every year I watch the birds make a family and always miss them when they leave the nest.
    My heart is heavy. I know that the dog lovers out there know how I feel and it helps me. It just takes time it just takes time!!!
    Thank you so much Noreen for your visit!!
    xx, Fern

  9. I really love the baby birds too, and really was so disappointed when the Phoebe who built its nest over the garage left after a week--Thankfully there were no eggs in it--But I'll have to live vicariously through someone like you who has a real nest and real baby birds on the way!


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