Friday, July 1, 2011

My Sister

This photo was taken on Easter six years ago.  I so love this photo-my brother and sister and I together. That was her last Easter before going home to Glory.  How I miss her!  The years have flown by, six grandbabies have been born, we moved to a new state and were able to retire.  I know she is looking down and probably smiling or laughing at all of us.  I have shared about her in the past so it is enough to say she had a typical Irish personality-ready for a good arguement any time and willing to defend her loved ones no matter what.  She was like a mom to me until her final days when I was able to take over that position.  She would love living in Colorado and being with family.  Dee would be amazed at how well her little Reggie is doing and how spoiled he is.  She would be amazed at her nieces, the size of their families and what incredible women they are-especially moms.  She would tell me that she'd like a "cruiser bike" to take on bike rides because they are just her style.  Most of all she would tell me how happy she is being with Jesus and I would smile,, through the tears, and say "yes, I'm so glad you went ahead and are with Him".
Forever and always, I will love you Dee.

Blessings on your weekend, kind friends.  On Tuesday, I will share photos of the baby quilt on its way to California.


  1. Oh Noreen what a wonderful picture! I honestly just can't imagine how hard it would be to lose a sister. A woman who no doubt knew you inside out and backwards and who you shared sooo many of life's best and hardest moments with. How blessed you were to have had her. And how wonderful to know she waits in heaven for you and will be there to greet you when you get there. I read your latest email and I will write you another note later today when I get the chance. Have a wonderful, wonderful 4th my friend! Love to you, Debbie

    1 more day till I see the quilt!! sooo excited!

  2. Oh thank you for sharing your precious memories of your sister.......Sometimes the only thought that makes the "missing" easier is to know that our loved one is with Jesus.......I am so glad you this picture of the three of you.......

    I hop your weekend is full of adventure and sunshine.....

    Hugs and blessings,

  3. Well first your blog ministers to me so much with your music. We're going through a tough season and not sleeping so well. This morning I've felt like a dog with it's tail dragging. I click on your site and go some where else while it comes up and I think that I hear faint music. Then I remember I clicked on you....glory. I turned the sound up to hear the most perfect words. Bless your heart....even across miles you minister.

    This was a beautiful post in tribute to your sister....absolutely beautiful. HUG! Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  4. What a lovely tribute to your sister. Thankfully you know that you will see her again.

  5. Oh Nor', I so love that photo! What a treasure. She sounds like she was a hoot, and someone who was fiercely loyal! How delightful!

    Maddy is up in north Florida with my sis right now and I will be driving back up on Thursday to get her. She is having a sis definitely has the gift of hospitality!

    Looking forward to seeing the quilt! I know it will be fabulous!!

    Love you bunches!

  6. What a precious picture. I lost my
    beautiful sister nearly fourteen
    years ago and I still miss her
    terribly, especially on holidays
    as she loved all the family
    gatherings so much.

  7. i just love that picture with your sister. i am so sorry that you had to endure that loss. i also have a 'baby' brother and an older sister and i can't imagine being with out them!

    I love you so my friend. have a great weekend! We are heading to Cape Cod with Melissa.

  8. Had a great time with aunt Susan today and stopped by to visit Mom and bring her flowers. Love your tribute. She's with us both, I know it, feel it - hope you can too :) Love you!

  9. Thank you for sharing about your precious sister! Though she is dancing with Jesus, I can imagine your loss. Missing those who have gone ahead of me as well.
    ((HUGS))dear one.

  10. Thank you for sharing about your precious sister! Though she is dancing with Jesus, I can imagine your loss. Missing those who have gone ahead of me as well.
    ((HUGS))dear one.


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