Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Happy Tuesday to you.  I hope that your weather is phenomenal; it certainly is here.  This morning I went to my new hairdresser, for the second time and got all fixed up.  It is so relaxing going to her~no more of a stylist getting in my face and arguing with me-or sharing her opinions on politics.  I never told her where I stand and she always thought we were on the same page.  I never realized how stressed I got when I was there, until I changed and go someplace relaxing.  Another bonus is that is is much more reasonable and she does a great job.  I've got to clean my hardwood floors and then will just kick back and enjoy the sunshine.  Hope you have a fantastic day!


  1. It must have been such a nice day for you. Glad you are happy with the change.

  2. It is SO upsetting to think how that woman treated you! I am so thankful you found a hairdresser who will keep her opinions to herself and treat you with the respect you deserve. That is just ridiculous how the other woman was so overbearing and disrespectful. I am so glad you are following the path to peace. Sending hugs to you today and praying for you!

  3. Noreen, good for you! We sometimes have to make changes in order to get rid of the negativity and disrespect! Hugs, Pam


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