Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Outdoor Wednesday

Morning friends~I realized how fickle I was today, when thinking it is already so hot outside at 8:00 a.m. and just a couple of weeks ago I was whining about needing summer weather-well girl, it is here! Reminds me of last year, when we had record heat with lots of fires.  Yes, even though we had more moisture this year, the fires have started already.
  As I mentioned one set of my grands have been taking swim lessons and this is the youngest grand(in the middle of the pool) of that family, who is taking them.  Doesn't that water look so inviting.  I grew up with a swimming pool and loved being able to go out first thing and swim.  Of course, once I became a mom and knew the dangers of a back yard pool, it was the last thing I wanted.  Maybe if there had been a fence but even still.  When I was in  6th grade, a toddler from a nearby street wandered away from his mom and somehow got into a neighbor's back yard(even though they had an 6' wood fence)and fell into the pool.  I was the one who found him lifeless on the bottom; but thankfully the fire department was summoned and he was revived. I also remember that it was truly the Lord who alerted me to that child and made me get help.  I remember, to this day, his little form under a couple of feet of water and the subsequent visit to the hospital to see him.  It was uncertain if he'd ever develop normally, because of the length of time he was not breathing.  These are things that impact you for life.  Even going through this, I did grow up loving water and swimming; just never wanted one in my yard.  I do realize this is a fluke thing to occur, but I always insisted my girls take lessons.  It is amazing, here I am 50 yrs older than when this accident occurred and it takes me right back to that day.
So, if it is hot in your area by all means enjoy some water-even sprinklers but keep an eye out for little ones.
Hope you have a blessed day! 


  1. Noreen-What a terrible story and I know how you go right back to that moment. We have had pools in two of our houses and we live on the water so I am always aware of the dangers with kids. It can be scary. xo Diana

  2. I'm certain you will never forget that frightening day. Ever. It takes only a moment's distraction to lead to tragedy.

  3. Noreen, my husband and I are thinking of getting a underground one for our back yard. here in Tx We have really HOT summers and our winters, well there not much of winters.. I am kinda scared of incidents like the one you posted about. This would be the only reason Id really have to think about it.. you just never,ever know... That would be a nightmare for me. My husband tells me we just have to make sure our fences are always locked... still makes me nervous..
    I need to really think about it..
    thank you for shaing.. and BTW yours is the 3rd story I have heard today...

  4. Yup, you will never forget that! Mom is scared of water but we are good swimmers!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Ambassadors of Love

    PS - Sure is hot here.

  5. I can't imagine what you went through, Noreen, and am so thankful that everything turned out well. I absolutely agree I think all children should learn to swim early. It is pretty hot here today too, enjoy the cool water with those grands.

  6. There was a little girl I watched in church who drowned in her family pool at 3 yrs 3 days old. It stays with you. About 20 years ago, in the next town, a 2 year old went missing. They searched Susie's pool first thing. It had a cover over it in a fenced in area. They didn't see her in it, so kept searching. They finally went back and took the cover completely off and she was there. When they raised the cover, her body floated to the backs side of the pool. Not only was the family devastated, but Susie and her family never got over it. The pool was gone immediately. You can still tell where it had been. Replaced by a flower garden now. It doesn't take long, and both of my kids can swim like fish. I made sure of that.

  7. What a memory. You saved his life. I'm so glad that all of your kids and grands have learned to swim!

  8. That must have very scary for you at such a young age. Mom was at the pool this week with the kiddos, and she never takes her eyes off them. They can all swim pretty well, but you can never be too careful.

    Very hot here too. We want our snow back:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. My heart aches to hear of that, Noreen. That would certainly be something that you'd never forget. As much as I would love a pool (not that we an afford one, mind you), the possibility of something like that happening is enough to convince me otherwise. I'm thankful that my 3 bigger grands all swim well ... and am more convinced than ever that #4 needs to get over her fear enough to at least learn to swim. ;-)


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