Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Wednesday

Good Morning To You~I hope  you are enjoying a nice summer's day in your part of the world. 
This morning, bright and early, I headed to my youngest girl's house to help out.  Her youngest child, Mr. L, has some physical issues and at 8 mos he has to have a few more tests; it is testing for his digestion due to a possible case of Colitis.  We had to collect a vial of saliva from him-have you ever tried to get an 8 mos old baby to drool or spit.  It took us close to an hour to collect about an inch worth in the vial.  My poor girl is so tired from a cranky baby who fussed a lot during the night; she thinks he is teething but couldn't give him anything due to the test.  Let's just say there were several fiascoes this morning during our gathering.  If it wasn't so difficult on her, with her hubby away in Europe this week, we'd be laughing about it; well maybe not today but later on, after the samples are mailed out.  Hopefully this will alleviate the need for the little guy to go into Children's Hospital for more invasive tests. 
The rest of the day will be relaxed; hope to layer the quilt today and start hand stitching. 
Our weather is forecast to be in the 80's; we did have a Tornado Warning yesterday but it never materialized here, but Denver International Airport had one.  It didn't do any damage but sure makes you get prepared mentally and physically, just in case.
Here's hoping you have a wonderful, joy-filled day.
Hugs, Noreen


  1. Oh- Saying a prayer for the poor little one from the road here. Blessings-xo Diana

  2. Oh, I hope that baby gets better. It doesn't sound like a fun place there for sure. I have never had to collect spit from a baby....but I have seen some where it wouldn't be a problem.
    I have friends from here in town who were at the Denver airport on a plane when that happened. They had to get off of the plane and walk quickly to the basement of the airport until it had gone over, then get back on the plane. It only delayed them an hour. They were headed to Utah for a granddaughter's wedding there this weekend. It was kind of scary- a group of them traveling with older ones and little ones. They were told to leave everything on the plane and move now.
    We ahd upper 70s here, but should crack 80 later on. Beautiful out there.

  3. Hope the little guy is ok, and it's just an easy med for a while. Colitis is totally changes your life! And I sure hope you don't get any tornadoes! Yikes!

  4. Sure hope that they can figure out a way to help the baby without any more tests! And I am glad you are close enough to help out like that.

    I have been watching MANY tutorials on quilting. I have decided I am going to give it a whirl. I think it all looks pretty easy until I get to the section on the actual layering together of the fabrics (what you are doing today, how I wish I could just come watch you!) and then the quilting. I have a feeling knowing me I will want to do it by machine. As soon as I get finished with the rag quilt (which I still haven't started) I am ready to try my hand at this. Can't wait to see yours. Hope the rest of your day went well!

  5. Oh, we hope the little guy is OK! We are having weather in the 70's for 2 days! But it sure is windy. Dad's gonna have to pedal hard to pull our No Walkin' Amish Cruision Wagon against the wind!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Ambassadors Of Love

  6. Noreen, I hope your little one is ok.. No fun for mamas when there little ones aren't feeling good.. It is HOT, Caliente today it was in 102

  7. Positive thoughts for the little one. And prayers for his tired mom. And kudos to a five-star nana!

  8. Prayers and best wishes for finding a quick and non-invasive cure for your little one.

  9. And of course as soon as you put a clean outfit on Mr. L., he will drool all over it:) We hope the tests come back with an easy fix for the little guy.

    Glad that tornado stayed away from you.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. Sending prayers for little "L". All MOM would have to do with me is hold a strawberry in front of me and she can get a bucket of saliva. hehhe

  11. I hope that Mr. L's issues get sorted out so that he's feeling good very soon. Thinking of you. You're a wonderful grandmother.

  12. I can not wait to see your quilt. We hand quilters are a dying breed ... seems everyone wants to machine quilt these days. It certainly is faster, but I feel like there's a certain connection or bond that comes with hand quilting ... and it's certainly calming and soothing to pick up the needle and thread. Well, at least it is to me. ;-)

    Praying for your little guy, that they'll be able to run the necessary tests and devise a treatment plan that will give him relief.


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