Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Garden Shots

Happy Tuesday to you! Good morning friends; won't you come in for some ice tea? I wish I had enough room on my porch for a swing or couple of chairs, it is just too tight though.
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I've been enjoying my front plant bed and thought I'd share; sorry the photos are a bit shaded. Two years ago, I planted a Bleeding Heart; at the time it was quite small, but you can see here that it is now huge. I love this plant! It seems to be in the perfect place.
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I am so pleased with the way the front bed is looking; of course I could use a couple more perennials, but all in all for right now it is fine. The white ground cover is Snow in Summer and it has spread a lot-I love it! One of our Japanese Lacey Leaf Maples is front and center; these trees are our favorites.
We also have Clematis,two Hydrangea's and two Mums for the fall.
  We won't discuss my back yard though; when I was going to weed on Saturday, I kept getting bit by mosquitoes. Since I was working alone, I choose not to continue.
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The other night while hubby and I were watching t.v., I happened to see a male and female Robin with worms in their mouths. Once they flew off, hubby and I investigated and found three babies in a nest; they were already pretty mature in size. Last night, all three granddaughters were over so we showed all three hatchlings to them. This morning I heard chirping from one of the beds and went to check on the babies-well there is only one today. I'm thinking dad and mom are teaching them how to fly; which means that I will have to keep Hunter inside(when I'm not here) so he doesn't see them and think they are toys. I can't believe we didn't realize we had an active nest in the backyard until Sunday.  We have also had several Grackles around and I think they might have a nest as well. These are the birds I can do without, do to the fact that they generally kill all the smaller birds.
I've been back on our walking schedule and love it; hubby and I even rode  14 miles on Sunday but this week it has been in the very high 90's, so riding will be in the evenings. I also ran out yesterday looking for more fabric for the baby quilt and of course it is no longer made.  I'm hoping to find some pink and white toile to use.  I may just have to scrap the original pattern and design one myself.
 I'm off the swim lessons for the grands this morning, got a couple of books I need to read and possibly run to a couple more fabric stores.
I hope you have a wonderful day, filled with sunshine and giggles.
Noreen & Hunter


  1. You front yard is beautiful.
    Bleeding Hearts are one of my favorite flowers. Your plant is very healthy.

    Enjoy your ride!

  2. Your front garden is so pretty. You have some of my favorites! I admire you so for walking and riding. Hope you enjoy the day. Hugs to Hunter.

  3. The Bleeding Hearts is lovely and brings an accent color on your front yard. We ear lots of birds in our yard too. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. There are websites that carry no-longer-made fabrics (of course I don't remember the names, but a google search ought to point you in the right direction).

    Thanks for the tour of your garden. I love porches and wish we had one. And I love lacy-leafed Japanese maples! We replaced a bush in our landscaping the first full summer here with a lacy-leafed Japanese maple. I love that white ground cover ... I wonder if it can be grown here?

    It's been hot here, too ... but after the rains move in tonight, it'll "cool off" ... we need to get out on our bikes.

  5. Your front garden is very lovely. Mom also loves the porch. Very quaint!

    Watch out for those mosquitoes - so annoying, aren't they?

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. What a lovely front garden! Very inviting! And I'm forced to wear a mosquito-net blouse with hood when I'm gardening....the biting bugs just love me!....but it works like a charm!


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