Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Yippee, The Warm Weather is Back!

Warm, yes warm, winter greetings to you this afternoon!  Of what a beautiful day its been; the temp actually got up into the 40's and the snow if finally melting. I was able to take Hunter on a walk this morning and although there was still a lot of snow and ice on the roads & sidewalks, it was wonderful to be out.  By the time we headed to obedience training, I was able to leave my coat in the car.  It felt so good to be outside! I think even the dogs were excited.  We had a great class today; Hunter only showed a little bit of distraction but overall did well.  We worked on previous commands~sit stay, down stay, wait etc as well as incorporating Drop and wait until released.  I was surprised that Hunter picked up the Drop as quickly as he did, with only hand signals and also when I put him in a Wait-and walked out to the end of the leash and tugged on it, he didn't budge. I thought for sure he'd fail that one.  My boy did me proud.  O.k. so one practice of  all three dogs staying with the trainer while we hide, didn't go so well.  He whined the entire time-which is a bummer because in order to pass the CGC test, he can't whine at all. The trainer had some suggestions about how to help this, that we will implement today through Saturday and see how if it helps by Saturday's class.  All in all, it was a great class. Each time I consider not continuing on, I see how well he is progressing and maturing and then reconsider. 
This afternoon has been good; the windows are open and I was able to get some writing done.  Tomorrow our study starts again and I'm looking forward to it.  I hope you have a blessed evening!
xxxooo,Noreen & Hunter


  1. Hi Noreen, Glad Hunter had a good class today and I'm happy you are experiencing warmer temps. Have a restful evening.

  2. A successful doggie class... makes the whole day go so much better. :) Happy things went well & your weather is so nice.


  3. Wow - we are jealous over your weather! We are freezing and the inversion is back! Sounds like Hunter is really rocking it in his class! Mom is very concerned about us being able to be serious in the class and pass the CGC test. We often get "wild wif joy", especially Stanley! As you saw, we went to the groomer today. They didn't cut our furs off, just cleaned us up so we don't look like we've "never been to town" in our class tomorrow.

    Keep Calm & Bark On,


    PS - We get groomed every couple months. This time was 2 1/2 months from last time.

  4. It sounds like all your hard work with Hunter is paying off! Isn't it fun to see him learn and become a good citizen.

    I agree about the warmth - yipee! (but it wasn't warm enough to open windows up here...)

  5. That's exactly how I thought Hunter would do... TERRIFIC!. Way to go Hunter. We are still in the deep freeze. But it did get up to 22 today. So that is progress in the warm up department. But they say we won't get above that for quiet a while.

  6. Good Boy Hunter!!!
    Glad it warmed up a bit for you! Here too! It was really nice today. Mid 70's and just perfect!!
    xo kris

  7. Smiling all the way through this Noreen, as you are getting warmer and we are getting colder, might even see a little snow this evening. ~ Enjoy your warmer temps. Good luck to you and Hunter with the training it seems to be going well!

  8. Go, Hunter, go!!! That's great that he's doing so well! Hope the trainer's suggestions work for the "hiding" part. He can get through it - it was just new for him! You all are doing GREAT!
    It's been warm here, too! My husband golfed yesterday and is out there again today! :) LOVE that! It's nice to have a break during winter!

  9. The windows are open???? Good grief. Steph said it was going to warm up but I didn't know that much. CRAZY! We tried the obedience training. We really aren't sure what happened to Molly her first year of life but she is SCARED of everything...made it hard to get her to obey around anyone or another dog. If it was just the two of us she is getting it but she is so scared of people outside the house she will not stop barking on command yet. OYE....She will be 3 April 1st and we've had her two years in mid-March. I've tried everything but she won't stop the barking. Maybe someday. Have a good weekend!


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