Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy Friday friends! It is so pretty here today and reminds me of spring.  We are supposed to get up in the 50's today, which really reminds me of spring. I know that it is too early to be thinking of this, but a girl can dream can't she?!  Yesterday our new study started and it felt so good to be back with the group of ladies, earnestly seeking more life in Christ.  This study is one written by Priscilla Shirer and next to Beth Moore, I'd have to say one of my favorite teachers.  The introduction was so rich and deep; I can't wait to see what's in store for each of us in this study. Afterwards, a friend and I went out to lunch at our favorite place-Mad Greens.  Don't know whether this chain is only here in Colorado but let me tell you that it is a healthy choice when you are out and wanting something quick and inexpensive.  Although they have soups and sandwiches, I go strictly for the salads.  There are so many choices and you can add protein to it as well.  A small salad is only about $5.+/-.  I had the Molly Brown and it consisted of fresh Spinach, tomatoes, onions, Parmesan cheese and I added in chicken. I love being able to watch them make it in front of you.  We had a great time catching up and then both had other errands to run. 
Today I will be making a new type of gluten free lemon cookies; I hope they are as good as I've been told.  This afternoon hubby and I will head to daughter Carrie's house to hang out with the kiddos while Carrie and her hubby go have an ultrasound; I was hoping they'd find out what they are having but they want #6 to be a surprise.  This evening Kim's four girls will be here for a sleepover; it is their 10th anniversary, where do the years go?  Hunter will have such a fun day-he loves going to Carrie's house to play with Lily and then when the other four girls are here, I'm sure he'll play with them.  Somewhere in here, I've got to do some training for tomorrow.  We have a class at noon and then pick up Lily, her family is going Cross Country Skiing.
Should be a great weekend, all in all.  We do hope to watch the games but we'll see how crazy the house is.
I will take some photos of the cookies, if they turn out and of course try to get pics of Hunter and Lily playing and maybe even of the grands. 
I hope you have a blessed day and see His hand in your life.
Hugs, Noreen & Hunter


  1. Sounds like a neat place!!!! Have a great weekend!!
    xo Kris

  2. It seems you have a full day. Looking forward to seeing Hunter at play.

  3. The salad sounds I'd love to "lunch" with you someday. Mel's scan is next week where they should confirm that it is a boy...guess there is some doubt as last time he was just doing a quick look as she had other issues, and it was the old machine and he told her he didn't get a really good look, but if he had to say he'd guess boy. Sooo who knows? Probably is though. We are 75 here today...very springish too. : ) Enjoy your week-end!

  4. How nice you have a study group with friends! I bet you look forward to it every week.
    Sounds like a good weekend with the grands-have fun!

  5. It sounds like your weekend will be blessedly full. How fun!! Enjoy!!


  6. OK, you lost us at 50 degrees. really? Our high for today is 19 and the inversion is solidly here for another week!! It's a good thing mom is still glowing over my class last night or it would be dark!

    Your Excellent & Studious Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    Pee Ess - Mom expects this to be a limited time joy so we're celebrating while we can!

  7. Isn't it wonderful how many gluten free recipes are out there now. I heard Priscilla speak in a joint study with others and LOVED her. If you haven't heard her do this "He is"...go check this video out. It blesses me.

  8. Hi there!
    Looks like you've embarked on "One in a Million." We did that study last year in my ladies' group and it IS very inspirational!

  9. Sounds like a great place for lunch! I've never heard of them, but maybe they'll expand eastward!
    Your new study group sounds wonderful.
    Mmm.. lemon cookies! :)
    Have a great weekend - hope Hunter has fun with Lily!

  10. I just went through lots of your posts. Was surprised about the new baby expected. You are just so blessed to have all those Grand kids!!! Loved the pictures in your Christmas post. When do you want to come this way for a visit?

  11. Which study are you doing? I am starting a new one on Tuesday by Pricilla "Jonah".....Already been getting lots of insights....

    The best to you this weekend with all the activity...If you are like me, those little ones can tire you out.....

  12. I love your post, Noreen! It's upbeat and positive, and I can just feel the positive energy in it. I love how busy you are and reading about all the good things that you are doing and have planned for the weekend--Enjoy!! :-)

  13. I hope you and Hunter have enjoyed today. We finally had sunshine after a week of rain. Wishing you many blessings this weekend.

  14. Your lunch place sounded nice and such good food :). What fun.... I do like the look of your blog...great fun, I may have to check it out.

  15. You sure do have a busy life Noreen!! Looking forward to seeing your pics!! We are in the frigid temp area again this week...the high one day is in the negatives! Glad you are experiencing some spring weather! Oh, how I'd love to head south right now!! xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug


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