Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tah Dah

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Happy Thursday Friends~Firstly, yesterday just as hubby had taken this picture and I was on the way to my laptop, our friends arrived to pick us up for dinner and a concert-so there just wasn't time. I have to say the groomer apologized profusely when I got there to pick up our boy; it would seem that she was having a rough day and a schedule crammed with dogs that were breeds that take a long time to groom-two or three poodles, Hunter and a old heavy coated Cocker that it very difficult to groom. I have never seen her any way with the pups, other than kind and gentle, and I am choosing to give her another chance. I know we all have days like this and I want to be on the receiving end of grace if I need it, so I will give it to her. So today is Thankful Thursday and I am thankful that Hunter is nice and clean and groomed.  Doesn't he just look so darn cute!  Last evening we attended a Natalie Macmasters fiddle concert and let me tell you it was wonderful. I love fiddle but other than blue grass have never been to a concert of just fiddle music before.  I didn't even know who Natalie is; what an entertaining show she puts on.  A young mom(who happens to be gorgeous) to five children ages 7 yrs to 5 mos. who homeschools them-if this sounds familiar, it could be my daughter's bio.  She is from Nova Scotia and sounds more Irish/Scottish than anything else.  She is also a Step(Clog)dancer as well.  Seeing her do the jig reminded me of seeing my mom do it when I was little.  If you like fiddle music, check her out on U-Tube; if you ever get the chance to see her, by all means do. 
This last week I have been fighting a boil in an area where you really don't want them.  Boils aren't any fun!  I've had to skip exercise and been loading up on vitamins to help heal it.  Other than being uncomfortable, I have felt fine but told hubby if I got any more or if it got worse I was going to get a prescription for antibiotics.  This morning I'm off to bible study and looking forward to it.  I hope you have a glorious day filled with Thanks.


  1. Good morning! Hunter looks just darling! I think I would give another chance too...there are just those moments in life when things get the best of you for s minute or two, and grace is just what we need. I'd LOVE to hear a fiddler. How fun, and something I just know I'd enjoy. Have a good day!

  2. He is so adorable...I mean handsome. Sorry Hunter...handsome! I don't know if this will help you but with the cysty thing I told you about, soaking in a hot tub with epsom salts helped open mine up but I did go on antibiotics. I rarely have to use them so I felt comfortable jumping on that band wagon. Praying for you my dear!

  3. I'm so glad you are sticking with your groomer.....everyone has a bad day every now and then.....and I'll bet she was grateful for a chance to redeem herself.

    Thanks for the info on Natalie Macmaster. I just watched a Utube of Volcanic Jig, and it was wonderful! I'll be getting her cd, definitely! Thanks!

  4. Oh Hunter is so darn cute....what a handsome boy all groomed up....Like us a haircut can make such a difference.....

    Yes, I agree on the grace. We are all in need of it more often than not....

    Sounds like a wonderful evening out with friends...I will have to look her up.....

    I hope your day is filled with joy and peace....

  5. I am glad to see Hunter did not get a mohawk. And I am glad to hear that your groomer apologized, but more importantly you understood and offered grace. The grouchies can happen to any of use. And all it takes to turn it around is a kind, understanding, forgiving soul.

  6. So glad the groomer situation resolved well and Hunter looks handsome as ever! Good luck with the boil. We never had one but it sounds like it is miserable.

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Hunter does look sweet. I bet he loves being all cleaned and fluffed!
    The concert sounds great. It sounds like my kind of music.
    Celtic, maybe?

  8. Oh, Hunter looks absolutely gorgeous! The groomer did a wonderful job! We all have ruff days sometimes, but when you are in the customer service industry, it's always best to hide the stress of the day! ;-D We love listening to the fiddle as well, I'm glad you enjoyed the music!

  9. Woof! Woof! I bet Hunter smells good too. Hope your are okay Noreen. Have a wonderful Thursday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  10. Hey sweets...yep! Hunter looks divine! :)

    My Miss Mollie (Yorkie) looks shag nasty. She does. Goes to the groomer on Monday and since she hasn't been since November it's going to be a LONG VISIT!

    Loved stopping by to see you...xoxo

  11. Hunter is a handsome boy! The concert sounded fun!! The boil, not so much! Hope you get rid of it soon!!!!
    Take it easy!!
    xo Kris

  12. Awwww.... Hunter looks adorable!!

    Your concert sounds grand too. I love the fiddle & also clogging... but have only seen both on tv many years ago. How fun it would be to see either one of those firsthand.

    The sun is shining here in northern Indiana. I pray it is shining where you are too... if not on the outside, then on the inside. Hopefully both!! :)


  13. Hunter looks wonderful! I enjoy fiddler music too! Enjoy your bible study! Blessings,

  14. Hunter does look good! I hope you feel good again soon..praying for that infection to die and leave your body in Jesus name.

  15. Hi Noreen, Hunter looks adorable! Feel better soon.
    Blessings, Beth

  16. Hunter looks gorgeous!! Or I guess that would be handsome!~ I hope that boil doesn't get any worse -they can turn nasty pretty quickly. Hope your Bible study was a good one- xo Diana

  17. Sweet hunter looks picture perfect!

  18. The kindness and understanding you have shown to the groomer, is a reminder to all of us to be more compassionate and patient with people who need it at those moments when they aren't at their best! Speaking of best, I hope YOU are feeling your best quickly!!!

  19. Hi Noreen! Hunter sure does look nice!! I have had quite a time with groomers...oh, the stories I could tell. Last time, Chloe could not go so LadyBug had to go by herself. I have done my best with Chloe as she is still suffering with that rear leg...the cold weather is just not good for her. Yet another reason we should move south!! I put her in the kitchen sink and tried to do a little touchup bathing today, but apparently it was just too much for her back legs and she was so uncomfortable tonight. I feel just awful when she is hurting. So, I have given her medicine and hoping she will sleep through the night. This frigid weather is making their paws just freeze right to the grass!! I just run out and scoop them up. It is minus three here right now. Hoping for a little warmth this week! Hope you are feeling better and you don't need those antibiotics!! xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  20. Hunter is such a sweetie ... and so handsome. Good for you for giving some grace ... we all want to receive it, but when the time comes to give it, we sometimes become a little stingy. Praying that your boil will clear up SOON.

  21. Hunter - you look awesome!
    We all have bad days. You're great to understand that!


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