Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekend Fun

Happy Sunday friends~Oh what a pretty day we are having; a bit cooler than yesterday but beautiful just the same. I thought I would share some moments from our weekend.
I mentioned that I made Gluten Free Lemon Cookies for the grands on Friday. Let me say they were a hit, both with the littles and also with the adults.
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 Just now as I was outside we had hundreds of Canadian Geese fly over, thought I'd give you a glimpse of just how many winter on our lakes here. Of course this is a small flock compared to what we have around town. One lake nearby was almost completely covered with Geese.
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Friday night fun; our four granddaughter's were enjoying a movie.
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Hunter on right with Lily on the left.
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Hunter loves it when Lily comes to spend time with us. Both dogs are due for a grooming; Hunter can barely see through his face hair and I am looking forward to having him trimmed. Yesterday she was dropped off to hubby while Hunter and I were at obedience training.  I will say that Hunter surprises me often with just how much he understands; however the trainer also mentioned that Hunter and the German Shepherd we train with, both understand the commands but decide not to obey. A bit frustrating for this mom; I do plan to take one of Hunter's favorite squeaky toys next week to see if that will help him follow through when he decides not to listen to me.
Church was wonderful this morning and after missing a couple of weeks, it felt good to be in worship.
This afternoon hubby and I will be going to an IPad class at our neighborhood library to learn some more about our new electronic.   Of course, we will be watching two playoff games today as well; since our Broncos are out, we are now routing for our old home team-the 49ers.
Hope you have a wonderful and restful day.
Paws and Enjoy!
Noreen and Hunter


  1. My hubby will be watching and cheering on the Falcons!!!
    Those cookies look delicious. That is such a cute pic of the grands engrossed in the movie. Oh, and Hunter and Lily are so sweet together. Glad your weather is nice and I hope your class at the library goes well.

  2. Looks like Hunter might need a seeing eye dog. Bawhahhaha Any cookies left? Just askin' hehhe
    Have a beautiful Sunday.

  3. I just love reading your newsy posts; they make me feel like I am right there talking to you....So glad you have had a good weekend and I too am thankful for the sunshine....

  4. Mom bought some round tipped scissors and trims around my eyes in between visits to the groomer. We can't even tell you about our cold weather with the bad inversion. Mom says she is cracking up. I think she is right. I hate to tell you this but mom says I HAVE to tell you. But, when I am not paying attention to her, if she grabs my ball, especially my favorite blue and orange one, I will do ANYTHING she tells me to do, just to get her to throw it. It brings me to my knees in terms of my powers to resist. Sorry Hunter, she made me tell . . .

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. Noreen, your weekend sounds absolutely heavenly... just as heavenly as those cookies look!! :)

    God bless you with a good new week!


  6. Oh, if I could reach in and grab a cookie ...yummy...

  7. Hunter buddy, I see you have mastered the "I see you, I hear you, I understand what you want,but I just aint doing it" attitude.

    But ya can't play dumb forever, they sooner or later, figure it out. Apparantly your trainer knows.



  8. Noreen, I'm glad you've had a good weekend! I also know what you mean about Hunter knowing what you're saying, but not doing it--Todd could teach a class on that!!

    Our church had a conference today that I decided to not attend, and I miss going too! Take care, and I hope your weekend ends on a great note!!

  9. Is Hunter part terrier?!! Cause he sounds like he does the exact same thing in class as me!! ;-) But I wouldn't worry too much about it, once he figures out that training is like a game, he'll do everything!! :-D Those cookies look absolutely delicious! Have a great Monday!

  10. Woof! Woof! Cookies!!! Our friends said the weather in CO was nice n sunny. Looks like you guys had a wonderful weekend especially the grandkids visited. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  11. Hi there Noreen,
    I've been so bad about visiting blogs, but your post reminds me why I am a blogger. Your posts are always filled with such 'positivity'. One cannot help but be inspired when one leaves.
    Those geese are beautiful, your Hunter is gorgeous and you inspire me to embrace the energy required for my own months of dog training ahead.
    You are so blessed with the love in your home and family.
    God bless you, my friend.
    With love

  12. Hinter is just being a totally typical bichon! They mind when they want to!! Looks like a great weekend was had by all!! Enjoy your Monday Noreen! Xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  13. That sounds like a wonderful weekend!
    The cookies look incredible - any chance you'd share the recipe?


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