Wednesday, January 23, 2013

While we wait

I had initially just planned to post after we got Hunter home, but thought I'd just touch base with all of you.  Word to the wise~when you have an appt., show up on time, not early not late.  Today we left our house a bit early to drop our boy off at the groomers; when we arrived I thought about sitting in the car and waiting but thought I'd just see if she was ready for him.  Big mistake! When I told her we were a bit early, she responded "ten minutes"; I said I'd be happy to wait out in the car and she ended up taking him.  However, I could tell she wasn't in her normally chipper mood, and actually raised her voice to tell a dog to stay.  I think I may have added to an already stressful morning.  Poor Hunter was shaking non stop; I just wanted to pick him up and leave-but he really needs the grooming.  It will be interesting to see if we are charged extra due to the mats he has.  I'm been thinking of our groomer all afternoon, I love her personality but definitely saw a different side of her today.  I'll post pictures in a couple of hours when I have our baby home.


  1. Oh, Noreen....I can understand your apprehension. Hope Hunter is doing well and recovered from his grooming adventure. Hopefully the groomer has calmed down and has a better attitude!

  2. Switch groomers, Noreen!! She showed her true colors... and people who do that with a human are guaranteed that they're going to do that 10-fold with an animal, who can't speak English to tell you what happened later on.

    I'm glad the "veil was lifted" today. I think that was God's doing, to be honest.


  3. Oh dear. Life is so full of happenings to people that by the time we interact with them it seems our part in their day can get really blown out of proportion. I TRY and remember to pray for that person and not take it personally but sometimes that thought gets lost in my brain and I'm not happy.

    We had a problem with a groomer and while many think they are JUST dogs...WRONG...treat them as well as my children please. I bet he is going to be adorable. Our Molly vibrates VIOLENTLY when we pull into the vets lot and they are so nice to her, but her first year was not so good.

  4. did it go okay? you know, we've never had trouble with the gal we use...

  5. Oh don't you just hate things like this? Hopefully she was just experiencing a stressful moment, and everything is just fine. Anxious to hear how it went! HUGS

  6. I know. I had a precious little black poodle years ago and when I would drop him off at the groomer's I could always tell by her mood if Honey was going to get a proper cut. Really, in any job, your personal life should not interfere with your responsibility to your customers.

  7. Whoa! She is angry over being 10 minutes early? It sounds like the groomer needs an attitude adjustment! That is not professional at all! I hope that doesn't mean she was impatient with little Hunter! If you really like her I would just take a "wait and see" approach. It could have been one of those bad moments we all have and later regret. But I would hope she would apologize for it once she mellowed out.

    Tell her to:

    Keep Calm & Groom On!

    Murphy & Stanley

    Pee Ess - HBO words are swear words you hear on HBO and not mainstream over-the-air broadcast stations.

  8. Poor Hunter....

    Guess everyone has a bad day now and then. Hope Hunter didn't have to pay for it though.

  9. I can't wait to see the new haircut.
    I know you are anxious but thank goodness you won't have long to wait.....Give him a big hug from us....

  10. Uh-oh- That is NOT a good thing. I hope he did well there today- xo Diana

  11. I hope he does not come out with a mohawk.

  12. Hopefully she was just having a bad day.
    Hope Hunter looks dapper in his new "do" tonight!!
    xo Kris


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