Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy Friday

I just got back from a walk and have to run out shortly to babysit three of the grands while our youngest takes two for a well check. Yesterday it was overcast and cool most of the day, but today it is beautiful, sunny and warming up quite nicely.  Hubby is playing golf today so it will be a good day.
Let's see,  yesterday I got a phone call from a friend who is a dog lover like I am and she knew of a 8 week old Bichon puppy that needed a home so was checking with me if I wanted it, free.  If you know me well, we have always had two dogs because they are such company for each other and it just works.  However, now that we are retired things are a bit different and I can't even believe I quickly said no.  I had seen a Bichon puppy on Wednesday and thought how cute it was; but with our travels etc I decided that I couldn't take another dog right now(however I am not ruling this out in the future).  I did think about it though.  I think hubby might have been surprised at me.  Hunter would probably be mad if he knew. 
I also went down to the Social Security office because I was trying to check online  and  the site didn't recognize my number; oh no-we've been victims of Identity Theft and this worried me.  However, what I did find is that even though I have a passport that clearly states I am a U.S.Citizen, they had under nationality unknown.  Today I am going back there and will have my birth certificate and passport so they can clear up this error. I'm not sure how this happened or when but it sure scared me.  I wonder if I could put Heaven as my origin. 
This weekend will be our last training session for Hunter and also we have a dinner play to go to.  Should be fun.  I hope you are able to enjoy the outdoors and find warmth and peace inside your nest, if you are in a cold climate.  The  bummer is that we are supposed to get snow this next week and I'm loving our spring weather!
Joy to you~Noreen & Hunter


  1. I've never been to a dinner theatre but they have always sounded like fun. Have a good time tonight, Noreen, and enjoy the grands today. On his way home from work, my hubby picked up one of our granddaughters & brought her home for a few days. It's always fun having that "extra energy" in the house. :)


  2. Woof! Woof! Golf? CO weather in Jan. We saw a glimpse of heaven this week (we shared it on our post today). Happy Friday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. I know that today will be a good day because you will be spending part of it with your grands. That always makes for a good day. What a scary moment that must have been when SSA didn't recognize your SSN. Glad you're able to get it cleared up.

  4. Oh Girl enjoy your nice weather; we are in the middle of snow and possible ice...
    I know what you mean about getting another dog. It's so hard when you are retired and wanting to be ale to go when you want to....
    Have a good weekend...

  5. Good to hear that the weather is nice for you. While I am not much of a complainer, let me tell you. You know I love the snow. But last night the ICE came. When MOM left the shelter there was almost a half an inch ice on the Blaze. She picked me up at Bert's and the driving was crazy. Ever drive on a sheet of ice? Then there is the walking on the ice at home. Our patio is covered in over an inch of it. And all the snow in the yard is covered. I do not like walking in the yard because I break through the ice with every step and it is real HARD to walk though. I think I will "hold it in" until the ice goes away and I can walk again in it. I can not tell you how much I have slipped and slided and fallen on my backside. MOM has been very careful and has not fallen. But it is a matter of time. So yes I am complaining a little. There has not ben a walk for me today. I have ridden the couch at home and at Bert's. Hope it gets better we have a pack walk with my friends tomorrow and I would hate to cancel it. Let me know how the heaven origin works out. That would be so cool.

  6. Oh, we are so far from spring here! We would have been concerned about the SS thing too. Mom got worried because they had her middle name misspelled but that was a pretty easy fix.

    Mom and dad are glad to have both me and Stanley. We do a great job of tiring each other out and keeping each other entertained. Although it was lots of work at the very beginning, now they always say they are happy there are two of us.

    We have a snow storm coming for a few days. It is supposed to be here Sunday afternoon. Today is the 3rd day this month that we went above freezing!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Enjoy the nice weather youre having. It's so cold here in South Carolina today. We're even getting freezing rain tonight after being in the 80's last week!.. As for not taking the dog.. I SO understand this. We have SEVEN dogs and as you know even 2 is a responsibility. We really can't travel or anything because the dogs need so much care. Some are very old and have diabetes so it's always a crazy schedule around here not because of the humans but because of the dogs.. At this point, after having had so many dogs at once (we had 8) I wouldn't take on another one either..

  8. Even the thought of a stolen identity is scary. Glad you are enjoying the nice weather. In January and February you know it won't last long. Have a great weekend.

  9. Oh Noreen we had it up to 65 degrees!!! Of course we are in Florida!! It is suppose to be 70 tomorrow!!!Love good weather in the winter!!
    Thanks so much for your kind words to me!! It is so good when it is good. Tom says no one wants to hear about our very good marriage b/c they don't have a good one and it is better if they tell themselves that all marriages are that way, and to tell them different isn't a good thing!! LOL what do you think?

  10. Are you sure you dont' want another puppy?

    Hope you enjoy the dinner theater, My Vickie says they are pretty cool.

    Take care

  11. Happy to know your having great weather! We too are lucky 80s all week I've been busy planting, pulling weeds and enjoying the sunshine! I hope your friend finds a good home for the puppy...have a great weekend ((hugs )) Marissa

  12. Glad you didn't take the pup and knew that enough is enough. Things do change for us, don't they? Hope you have a great weekend! xo Diana

  13. Your weather does sounds nice, enjoy your weekend

  14. Oh my goodness Noreen! If someone called me with a free bichon, it would have taken ALL of my willpower not to RUN over there and take him right then and there!! My husband says NO MORE. So...we are a family of four right now and it looks like we will stay that way. We like to travel, but I promised to give it up when I got Chloe back in 2004. Then we got LadyBug...and purchased the RV! Which helped SO much because that way the girlz can travel with us!! I just love it and wish we would go away more often...gas prices need to go down a bit more!! It is so handy that you have your daughters there to help you with taking care of Hunter. I don't have anyone I can leave the girlz with and that is definitely a problem for us. Hope you have fun at your dinner theatre and be careful out there...last thing any of us need is falling on the ice!! Hope you get the passport thing straightened out...I just went through that when I renewed mine...not fun!! xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  15. Oh, aren't bureaucratic "glitches" fun to try to clear up? :) For many years while my husband was in the Army, his ORB (officer's record board) had my place of birth listed as "Peru". Umm... it should have read "Pennsylvania". Don't even ask how long it took to get that cleared up!
    Peru, Pennsylvania... close enough, right?


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