Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How can it be Wednesday afternoon already?  I can tell you that the morning started slowly; my walk was postponed until 10:00 a.m. because of the cold temps.  Can we say cold-it was 19 degrees and I didn't have long johns on-just wool socks and my heavy winter coat.  I can tell that whatever has taken my voice captive has also robbed me of my energy.  By the time we hit our street, I was exhausted.  Hubby and I ran to F.C. to get my new glasses and also make another stop.  I can tell you that I'm ready to cuddle on on the couch with Hunter and read, plus maybe take a rest.  I am so over not being up to par.
Not too much else going on here; I am trying to stay in since it is so cold out.  My voice is a tad bit better but I still have all the drainage during the night-which makes me hoarse in the morning.  It could be much worse and I know it will pass; a hot cup of tea is sounding really good right now.  I'd invite you in but just in case this is something catchy, I understand your passing up the invite.
Have  a peaceful day!
Noreen & Hunter


  1. Sure hope your feeling 100% soon...I soo don't like not feeling well either. Enjoy your snooze. ; )

  2. I hope you feel better very soon, Noreen. Give Hunter lots of hugs and cuddles and enjoy your book and cuppa tea!
    Hugs and blessings, Beth

  3. Hope the hot tea helps you to feel better and that you rest well tonight. Take care.

  4. Hope you continue to improve, Noreen. It is storming here today- we have 8" so far and don't know where it will end...ugh...and my son is a 2 hour drive south and coming home in a sports car-God bless him as he drives!!!!

    I hope you have a good night- xo Diana

  5. Aw, just when we thought you were getting better! Stay out of public places while your immunity is low. We read an article in the newspaper this morning and this flu is like a super-virus that no one has an immunity to! It sounds very nasty, a gastrointestinal sort of thing. Let's all just pray for spring!

    Your pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. 19 degrees? Yikes!! Im sorry you're still feeling poorly but I understand. I've been under the weather myself.. A lot of people have.. A cup of tea and a nap sounds lovely :)
    Feel better soon
    Robyn :)

  7. gosh 19 degrees sounds almost balmy to us. We are getting aclimated to the cold so it doesnt' seem so bad anymore. Hope you get feeling better and hope you and Hunter had a nice cuddle.

    Lots of know the drill


  8. I am sorry to read that you have been ill, Noreen, and I hope it clears up soon. We all seem to be at different stages of colds/flu here. Snow and chilly here today, but it does look pretty!

    Enjoy some tea and cuddling with Hunter!

  9. I'm sorry you're still feeling "puny" ... I wonder if we have the same thing? If so, I could come on over as there'd be no worry for either one of us to share our germs. ;-) Hope you're feeling better soon.

  10. Hot tea and Hunter cuddles. Best medicine.

  11. Hi Noreen. I am sorry you are feeling poorly. SO much going around!!! Rest and feel better!!!
    I wanted to thank you for the info on the high tech doggie door! So interesting!
    XO Kris


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