Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Promised Land with Matt Damon

Yesterday afternoon, hubby and I went to the movies; it was his turn to pick a flick, so he choose Promised Land.  We had seen the previews for this and Matt Damon  is a favorite actor so it was a go.  This might not be an award winner but what a good movie.  I do have to say that the plot paralleled a situation that is currently going on in Colorado. The plot centers around a company digging wells for natural gas-the story could have been taken from our county and town.  There is so much concern over the environmental impact of fracking; while I agree with the concerns, I also would choose for us, as a country, to be independent when it comes to resources.  I don't want the wells in our town though.  Truly, I'm not sure what the answer is.  Back to the movie-it was great and the scenery-oh my, I would move to the area it was filmed in, in a heart beat.  It was supposed to have been centered in Pennsylvania, but whether that is the true location I can't say.  So if you are looking for a good flick, with not limited violence, check this one out.   
I can feel the muscles in my body this morning-nothing too bad but enough to know I've been a slacker.  Hopefully, tomorrow's class will be easier.  Have a great day dear friends!
Noreen & Hunter


  1. I have seen the previews for this. Usually nothing at the movies and this month there are a couple of things we want to see. I need to follow your lead on getting more active, I really am a slacker

  2. Thank you for the movie recommend. It's always nice to read reviews from the everyday folks who go to the movies, rather than the professional movie critics.

    Have a blessed day too!! :)


  3. I've seen the ads for this movie. It looks interesting. But since I am not allowed in theaters (what's up with that?) I guess I have to wait for it to be on the TV. Nose poke to the mighty Hunter.

  4. I wonder how they did things differently in my home state. They have gotten natural gas out of a huge part of Kansas for years and it did not destroy the environment. This fracking must be an easier way to get resources now days. It certainly sounds more destructive but I do like the idea of using our own resources more. We need to pray for God to show man how to get resources like this without the destruction.

  5. Thanks for the recommendation! We like Matt Damon, too! Sounds like a good movie!

  6. Hi Noreen- Yes, the movie was filmed in PA-I grew up there. My brother's land is under contract for drilling. It is very controversial all the way around. I do believe we need to look to our homeland so that we can be more self-sustaining...but I hate what it does to the land- xo Diana

  7. It does sound like a great movie. Thanks for the rec! Fracking is such a loaded issue... because almost everyone feels that they don't want it in their backyard.

    I hope that the exercise is going well! I am finally almost recovered from pneumonia and I'm getting back up to speed!

  8. Glad you two enjoyed the movie. Interesting to learn where it was filmed.

  9. Hi Noreen...we haven't seen Promised Land yet, but we did go to see the Tom Cruise movie called Jack Reacher. We certainly understand why the NYC premier of this movie was cancelled in the wake of the CT shootings. It was a VERY violent movie and one I was still shaking over the next day! was pretty scary! My husband wants to see Lincoln on Sunday...but I think I'd rather see a chick flick...we may compromise and go to both!! We are huge movie fans!!


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