Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's About Time

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Happy Tuesday to you! Well, I've been to the dog park and walking already today. I feel energized and ready to take on something-not quite sure what. So tomorrow, finally, Hunter goes to the groomers. I love our gal and am so thankful for her, but seriously I will not wait 9 weeks again; Hunter just gets to matted and hubby and I had to trim the hair around his eyes so he could see. I'd hate to go elsewhere but I have discovered that I really like a nicely groomed dog. He is adorable even when he is scruffy but he won't sit still for me to get rid of the mats and I know they are just getting worse. Even hubby holding him is difficult. So tomorrow, we are going to see a new dog; I wonder if dogs enjoy being trimmed, like we do when we get our hair cut. I have used the best conditioner I can find to help with his mats but the longer we wait to get trimmed, the more he develops.
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The snow in our backyard is melting and almost gone; with temps today and tomorrow in the 50's and 60's(that is warm here), I think it will disappear. However, our front yard is north facing and a lot slower to melt. A girl can dream though can't she!
I haven't been to the gym since last week-I actually had a bit of a virus of sorts and decided my body might just be fighting it off without my adding to it with heavy exercise.  I am hoping a few more days and I will be able to hit it.  Still walking though-better is a little than nothing at all.  Trying to work with Hunter on his training; his last class is this Saturday, I think we will continue on though.  Yesterday, a blogging friend-Val, asked if we ever let our dogs off leash when outside.  My answer would be a big No-Hunter just isn't that dependable in returning to me; so until I can be sure,100% of the time, that he will stay by my side and come when called, he will be on the leash. 
I hope you are having a great morning and seeking joy in your day!
Joy to you~Noreen & Hunter


  1. OK Hunter, I gotta say that maybe you do need a trim. I am glad, and so is my MOM, that I do not get trimmed. We still are very cold and I still have lots and lots of snow. But our inversion is back, yuck. But they say with the storm on Saturday or Sunday the inversion will go away again. Enjoy your day and what it holds for you.

  2. Aww your Hunter is so sweet looking!! I think the key to getting rid of mats is just simple as brushing every day with one of those medal brushes..maybe that will help :)

  3. Yeah... but Hunter looks SO CUTE!!! :)
    One of my best friends at Ft. Riley had a Bichon; he was one of the most well-behaved pups I'd met. She also had a Westie. I loved walking with her -- she and her two small white pups, me with one b/w Siberian (Stormy) and our black Lab/Aussie mix. They made quite the odd group, but all got along so well!

  4. One thing is for sure, he is a cutie pie rather his hair is long or short....I do know the trouble of dealing with dog whose hair mattes so easily but thank goodness for groomers....

    Don't get discouraged with his training...One day it will all make sense to him and you will be able to trust him off lease.....Some breeds are just a little more stubborn than others but oh how we love them anyway.....

    Hope the rest of your day is wonderful...

  5. Hunter is just adorable, trim or not! I love how much you love him Noreen! Such a blessing for you. Our warm weather continues too, and I am still loving it! Enjoy the rest of your day!

  6. Hunter is an angel despite how he looks! *ha-ha* But no... he won't like getting groomed tomorrow. In fact, if he is really matted they will probably have to take down his coat even shorter than usual, in order to shave the matts off. If not, then somebody's got to comb them out... if not you, then the groomer.

    We used to groom our Standard Poodles the last few years of their lives, when they were too old to stand on the grooming table for that length of time. We'd let them lay down while we took the clippers to their fur. It was easier on them. First you clip/shave, then you bathe, then you blow dry & clip nails & do anal glands & clean out ears & that sort of thing. It's a long process for these sweethearts who have coats like this. But the smaller the dog, the quicker it is. For each of our Standards it was a minimum of 3 hours.

    Can't wait to see pictures tomorrow, of Hunter all beautified. *lol*


  7. I will be looking forward to seeing Hunter's new "do". lol I hate mats and it is so hard to get rid of them. I hope you had a wonderful day- xo Diana

  8. He is adorable!!! Such a sweet face!
    I do Ducey myself because I am too cheap to pay 55 dollars to have him done!! I do need to take him to have his nails done though. He is getting pretty scruffy!!!
    Not much snow there!!! WooHoo!!!
    xo Kris

  9. Oh, that pic of your yard made my mom so jealous! We are sorry Hunter won't let you comb out his mats. Mom said she has never had a dog as good as me and Stanley are about being combed. Mom laughed at your comment cuz it was dad in the photo, not her! But they both run wearing mostly black so they look the same. Mom was sorry you lost your friend. That is a terrible disease!! We will look forward to the new Hunter!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. Woof! Woof! In no time for sure you'll let Hunter off-leash. snow is almost gone. Good luck to the groomers. Can't wait to see a after photo of Hunter. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  11. Oh sweet boy...he is in need of a trim but he's kind of cute as a puff ball. I remembering trying to keep up with our Shihtzu around the eyes.I love not having a dog that needs constant grooming, although two days ago I had to take our cute mute Molly in so they could trim the hair growing between her foot pads. She was slipping and sliding on the tile floor and scaring herself. lol.

    So much sickness going around this year and it seems to be lingering longer. Hope you're feeling better now.

  12. What a cutie pie Hunter is, believe it or not our Jack is so good about being groomed,and that is a blessings for us, on the other hand our G-Shepherd is not and oh what a tussle that is. Our temps. are really low this week, you all are so much warmer! Enjoy!


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