Friday, March 30, 2012

A Big Thank You

How can I begin to express my gratitude to all of you, my friends, not only for your comforting words over our loss of Reggie but also the wonderful birthday wishes?  You are such a community of love and I am so blessed by being part of you.
 This wonderful iron basket and Daisy plant will either adorn my front porch or back deck.  Thank you my girl & family for this wonderful gift.
 This is a wreath I love and it was given to me by the sister of my heart, here in Colorado, Kam. She also spoiled me with other treasures as well as money for garage sales-got to love it, she got me hooked.
 A necklace made by women and children in Africa to support their tribe.  I had seen this in Colorado Springs and thought it so beautiful; my friend who I was there with picked it up for me...such a surprise and delight.
 This is a difficult photo to get the details of the necklace(sorry)but it is a Celtic necklace and given to my by my California girl Barb.  She knows I treasure my Irish roots and that I'd love this...I do.  We had so much fun as neighbors and now traveling companions, I treasure you Barb.
 A bright and fun bracelet made by a doctor here locally.  Love the fun beads and colors-I'm thinking it will be perfect for the islands.
 This little treasure hubby found for me up in Estes Park at my favorite quilt store. Because I love quilting, antiques-I have a treadle and all things Amish he had to get it for me. Love it!

My birthday was wonderful~time spent with the dearest of friends, going for a drive on country roads we hadn't traveled-although hubby and I were hoping to see some wildlife but didn't. Then we went, for the first time ever, to P.F.Changs Chinese Bistro.  What I enjoyed the most was that they also have an entire menu for gluten free folks.  It has been awhile since we went out for Chinese because most dishes I am not able to eat but last night was a feast.  I should have taken my camera; we had Egg Drop soup, fried rice, garlic snap peas, and a chicken & vege dish.  Afterwards we headed to our oldest girls home to have dessert and presents. My family spoils me, Carrie made wonderful chocolate flour- less cupcakes with vanilla ice cream-so very good!  Carrie & her gang gave me a very nice gift card to Christopher & Banks, so I can get some new fun clothes before our vacation and Kim and her gang gave me a beautiful basket with daisy plant in it.  Both families wanted to take hubby and I  down to Boulder tomorrow to walk around and try a new restaurant we've heard wonderful things about.
I don't know about you, but I feel so incredibly blessed by all the people in my life-you included.  May you have a weekend filled with joy and happiness.
Love, Noreen 


  1. Noreen, sounds like you had a wonderful day. You said "islands" are you going to Hawaii?? We lived there 2.5yrs(returned to the mainland 2 yrs ago :( It's fabulous and I miss it sooooo much!.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  2. My goodness, sounds like ya had the perfect birthday. I love that little sewin' machine...sweet!

    I'm a sucker for tiny stuff.

    God bless ya and have yourself a blissful weekend sweetie!!! :o)

  3. A belated but heart-felt HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    We all knew that Reggie was on borrowed time, but that did not make his loss any easier. I'm so happy you had the courage to give him a peaceful end. My heart aches because we have been through the same process.

    BTW: You DO know that it is the "new 50".

  4. I'm very sorry to hear about Reggie, please accept my condolences. I can't imagine how you feel.

    I'd also like to wish you a very happy birthday! Cheers to you for the next 60!

    Duke says "woof, woof" that's "thank you" in puppy talk for the birthday wishes!

    On the subject of ear problems, Duke has had none. We take good care of his ears, by plucking the hair on a regular basis - maybe that's why! I have to tell you, he is a blast!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  5. Happy belated birthday, I've heard 60 is the new 50 sounds like it was a really nice birthday...hooray for family that spoils you
    Hope it's a nice weekend
    BTW so sorry about your Reggie, we have a 15 year pup ourself and I know how they become part of the fmaily

  6. I missed the post about Reggie, so I just read it. MOM has tears. Reggie is running happy and free through fields of clover.
    Glad your birthday was wonderful.

  7. Noreen, I am so happy to hear you had such a terrific day, filled with the love of so many! Love those special gifts....especially the one from your husband! We love PF Changs too!!!

  8. Morning Noreen,
    So happy to hear your family spoiled you and that you had a wonderful birthday. Great family relationship are the biggest blessing there is after our relationship with the Lord! Thanks for showing us your sweet gifts, they were beautiful, and how cute was that lil sewing machine, just adorable.
    I love anything miniature anyway.
    Hope you have fun trying out the new restaurant and exploring.................
    Blessings Galore, Love ya, Nellie

    So....what islands are you going to???

  9. Good morning! Sure sounds like you had a wonderful day! I just love the little sewing machine...darling. I'd heard that PF chang had a gluten free glad it was good...I have to try that too. You are truly one richly blessed lady! Hugs to you!

  10. Oh Noreen I am so happy you had a wonderful birthday!!!!! You deserve it!!! You are such a wonderful person!!!
    Love the little sewing machine!!!
    So cute!!!

  11. You really are blessed Noreen. Wish I was there to add to your collection of friends.
    sending lotsaluv and continuous thoughts for your loss. It's probably in the quieter times that you'll feel it most.

  12. What a wonderful birthday you had. I am so glad you were able to have a feast.. I too have food allergies and sensitivities and it can be daunting when you want to eat out.. So happy for you :)

  13. Hi my friend,

    I have been away it seems like forever. Life has been so very hard. I wanted to tell you "Happy Belated Birthday." It sounds like you had such a wonderful time and were so blessed. I come by when I can and have enjoyed all of your pictures. Your family is precious.

    I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Reggie. Animals do become such a part of our family. My thoughts and prayers are with you in your loss.

    I'll be by again.

    Love you my friend,

  14. Oh Noreen, I am so happy to hear you had such a wonderful birthday filled with the love of your family and blessings of friends! PFChangs is sooo wonderful. Do you have a PeiWei? It is owned by PFChangs and is all the same to die for food but price wise it's MUCH LESS !! we have one PFChangs in Tulsa and 3 PeiWei's. I keep praying a peiwei will make it out to our area. Our community is a HUGE American Airlines community, so that isn't going to happen anytime soon.

    I just read about Reggie. Tears are falling & my heart is broken for you. What a sweet face your Reggie had! What a gift you gave to your Sister and him but I know you received so much in return! Dogs just fill our heart so full of love in such an unconditional way. We had a LifeCoach that was deathly afraid of dogs. One day she was at a local park and laid down on a blanket and fell asleep. When she woke up, a HUGE shepherd mix was laying not beside her, but literally curled up on and around her. She woke up and nearly panicked but thought that might make matters worse. So she just calmly talked him off and away from her. From this day on, they have never been apart. God has done miracles in her when it comes to animals but even more than that HE has shown her the deepest and most precious ways of unconditional love through Chester. It is such an amazing thing to see!

    Love & hugs to you!

  15. Hi Noreen!! I'm so glad that your birthday was a fun and enjoyable one, filled with so many beautiful things and now, so many memories!!

    I hope your weekend has been an enjoyable one!! Take care!!!

  16. Oh Noreen, that is terrible about the vertigo you are having! I am so sorry to hear this. And to have to quit something you really enjoy too. That is how I felt when I had to stop running. So bummed!!! Maybe it will go away, never to return again!!!
    I am hoping so!!!
    Have a lovely day!

  17. I ofter wish my childhood had been a lot better but when I really think about it I know it was just what God intended it it be. I am who I am suppose to be!!!
    Your friend!!!

  18. It all sounds wonderful!!!
    I think I had my last BD fling on Friday night. My friend cooked a great dinner for 5 couples that have been long time friends of ours. Today we had a party for Morgan and Jonah. It was a fun family time.

  19. Noreen, I am so thankful you found me. I think I've seen you comment before, but your blog link wasn't there and this time I went digging until I found you! Yes, when I moved to Word Press I lost a few of the blog links that I followed. I prayed and asked the Lord to bring them back to me, and here you are. I've added your blog into my Reeder so I won't lose you again!

    I am so very sorry to hear about Reggie. Praying you are comforted.

    Happy belated birthday!

  20. nice post thanks for sharing...looking for to visit more blessings


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