Monday, March 12, 2012

A Birthday Party for JJ

Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny; our grands all descended on our home at 7:30.  Our birthday boy had already opened his family presents and immediately choose to play with his new remote control car-eating could wait.
Here is Mr. B on the left, Miss A and birthday boy-JJ.  At dinnertime, we gathered at our oldest daughter's home to celebrate. 
Here is Kim and three of her girls.  I'm not quite sure where our Peanut was but she isn't pictured.
Mamma Carrie with Mr. B and Miss A. 
What to get an 11 yr old-no worries, Lego's are always a hit!

Love this photo of Carrie and Miss A.
Cupcakes-yummy! The years are going much too fast!
We had a wonderful day and hubby and I actually squeezed in time for a 7.+ mile bike ride.  Two in a row, I was so tired yesterday that I choose not to go out to ride.  Today, I've had my class at the gym and walked about 3.5 miles as well.  I just wish that some of the flab hanging onto my legs and stomach would disappear.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are adjusting to the time change, if you have it.  As for me, the alarm goes off too early-especially when it's overcast.
Blessings, Noreen


  1. Good morning! Happy birthday to that cutie! Looks like a fun birthday...WOW...I'm so impressed with your exercising. Good work! Have a wonderful day my friend...HUGS

  2. Oh...birthdays....there are many, many ones with my family....some months we have alot & others none.
    My 10 yrs loves legos!
    I am one of the few how likes daylight saves the summer it doesn't start getting dark until 10pm. Though it was hard to get up yesterday...and I do not enjoy overcast days either.
    P.S. sending your coffee cozie look for it this week. 8~)

  3. Yep- It's a bit of a change adapting to the time switch.

    Love the pictures of your family. It is harder I think to buy for boys that age...but if they like Legos they make a hit every time- xo Diana

  4. Looks like you all had a wonderful time at the party.

    And good for you getting in a bike ride. It has to be 70 before it's warm enough for me to get on the bike. I just cannot tolerate cool/chilly/cold weather (thanks to my Raynaud's). I thought about biking today, but it's very windy ... and I know that my leg muscles are not in good enough shape to be able to pedal into the headwind. Besides, DH is giving our lawn its first mowing of the spring. I'll definitely get out and get in some walking since the weather is so nice (although it's windy, as I said, it's warm - 70 degrees already at 12:45). In the meantime, while I'm finishing up the Monday housecleaning, I've got the doors open and am enjoying the fresh air.

    Hope you're having a marvelous Monday, friend!

  5. Special family memories Noreen! thanks for your kind comments re my 70th birthday - I've been especially slack writing recently - seem to have been caught up with so many other things but hope to get back to it real soon. Blessings!

  6. Just caught up here (o:
    What a great time... Morgan (Tracee and Dave's) turned 11 and Ky turns 10 in a week.
    You are amazing with all the exercise you get. I wish I would do some...walking at least (o:

  7. What great pictures..your have a beautiful family!
    happy birthday to your grandson!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    and my 5 boys were all big lego fans!!!

  8. Such sweet photos! How k
    Lucky we both are to be in our kids and grandkids everyday lives!! Good for you for all of that exercise! We turned our sons room into a fitness room. Will post soon!
    XO Kris

  9. Oh... pure heaven in your home and heart! The joy on all of their faces is just precious!

    AND you got such a great ride in! Way to go :)You are doing so awesome!! I have been soooo bad over these past few days when it comes to eating! I have GOT TO get back on track!!

  10. What family fun! You are doing so great with your exercises. Gotta keep up with those grands!


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