Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Run Free Reggie

Run Free Dear Reggie
Reggie's Story
We first met Reggie when my sister brought him home from the humane society.  He was about four years old and a sweet guy; we couldn't figure out why he was surrendered.  My sister loved him from the start and gave him a wonderful home.  When it was clear the her fight against cancer was nearing the end, I had promised her that we would take Reggie and give him all the love we could.  The transition to our home and our love, Sadie, was easy-it was love at first sight.  We did find out he didn't like children, which posed a problem but we worked around it.  He is now 13 and a half yrs old and has been a wonderful companion.

His hearing is declining, which is truly a blessing with all the thunder we have.  He is faithful and true to both hubby and I, following us all over the house.  Since we lost our Sadie, Reggie has become one spoiled boy with extra treats, special food and lots of love.  Isn't he just a beauty? 
We didn't choose him, but we love him. We've had him for six and a half years and wonder what life would be like without him.
 This last summer we found out that he has a serious health issue and we weren't sure how many days we'd have him with us; so we are treasuring every hour of every day. We were initially told that he would only last 3-4 weeks and he lasted eight months.
Last week when I took him in for his annual, I found out he had developed two heart murmurs; the vet told me it would probably turn into progressive heart disease.  We expected him to pass from the brain tumor and he didn't. I knew the heart disease was so serious, I just didn't think it would show up so soon.  This week he has been off-he hasn't been eating much, got sick one day and was drinking a huge amount of water.  I have watched him like a hawk and checked with several close friends, who are very wise about how to get him to eat.  Last night he began showing signs of respiratory distress; I won't go into details but it became very clear to me that this was the sign I had been watching for, the sign to let me know it was time to let him go, to set him free.  He laid on top of me for several hours while I talked to him, thanked him for his love and devotion and told him I was so sorry he was hurting.  I cried and he kept lifting his head and putting his hose right under my chin; I'm sure he knew my heart.  He is resting currently, while I sob and we wait to take him to the vet where he was so loved.  There will be a huge void in our home but I am thankful he will be at peace and that he won't be alone,while we are away, suffering.  I am thankful for every minute of grace with him. I am also so thankful that he won't leave us on my birthday.  Run free Reggie, go find your Sadie girl. 
I found this poem on someones blog and it spoke volumes to my spirit;  hope it does yours as well. 

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours....faithful and true.....
To the last beat of his heart,
You owe it to him...
To be worthy of such devotion.

Reggie, you will always be in our heart.



  1. Good morning! Oh Noreen what a beautiful dog! And the story of how he came to be yours is soo neat. Praying for all of you. I loved the poem. Hope you have a wonderful week-end! HUGS

  2. Oh I'm crying. Its so hard as they near the end. I know some non pet lover people can't understand but for us, our Molly, was a gift from God during some dark days. We don't know her much about her first year but she is VERY easily startled and is scared of MANY things. (c: She is not doing well around babies but like you said we'll figure that out. Praying for you...they are so precious. HUG my friend!

  3. Starting with the title your love for Reggie shows through this whole post.
    He's a beautiful dog....I hope you have a lot more time with him, but your devotion will make whatever time he has the best for him.

  4. Aw Noreen. I hope you and you Reggie will still have many more wonderful days together. What a sweet story!

  5. How sweet Nor. I can really relate to you on this. They are such delightful companions and such a joy!

    Praying my friend...
    Love an big hugs,

  6. Oh and I am feeling much better!! There will be no need to go the the Dr. Praise God!!


  7. Absolutely precious doggie. Isn't God good? Our Mollie the Molinator is almost 9. I can't believe it. She is slowing down a little, but for a Yorkie that doesn't say much.

    Love to you~


  8. Such a pretty pet...I know how hard it is to face this, I lost my beloved Willie Dog just over a year ago...I still miss him..Enjoy all the time you can and your memories will comfort you in the end...Saying a prayer for comfort and peace..

  9. What an honor you have paid to Reggie today.....this is such a sweet tribute to him and your love for him....

    The end is so hard but I pray God will give you comfort and peace and you rest in all your wonderful memories of him.....He's such a beautiful dog......

    Hugs and blessings my friend...

  10. Noreen, we get so attached to our furry friends. I'm so glad Reggie is such a great companion. God has truly blessed us when He designed dogs.
    My precious friend, know that I will be thinking about you and lifting up prayers for you & your family for the days ahead.

  11. Oh Noreen, that's a beautiful tribute to your Reggie. Enjoy the time you have left with him. {{{hug}}}

  12. I love that you took in Reggie and love him so much. It bring tears to my eyes, with a heavy sigh.

    We took in our daughter's dog when she moved out. Arthur has been under the weather and it hurts us to know he is in such pain.

    I love the poem!

  13. I'm still praying...

    My love to you sweet friend and sister.


  14. Noreen, I've been thinking of you this week and I hope that Reggie is doing well....He certainly is a handsome boy, and I can so identify with your not choosing him, but loving him...They do find a way into your heart, and while I know yours is feeling that ache, please know that I'm keeping you all in my prayers.

  15. My heart goes out to you. We lost our friend 3 yrs ago, so I know what you are going through.
    I never imagined until we received our dog, what a gift he would be.
    We still laugh and share our memories of him.
    I'll be praying for you!

  16. What a sweet dog! He looks so loving. I'm so sorry to hear he is ill. I hope you will still enjoy many days together. I love the poem about dogs...they do become such a big part of our lives.

  17. I know how much Reggie meant to you and what you've had to go through in the past couple of months. My heart is breaking with yours. What a wonderful forever home he had - with you, his incredible carer.
    Run Free, Sweet Reggie...Maxdog will be there to welcome you across that Rainbow Bridge.
    lotsaluv to you Noreen,

  18. I'm so sorry for the loss of your beautiful dog. I will light a candle for him.

  19. Hi Noreen, We had to run right over after we saw that you had had to say good by to Reggie. I am so sorry for you, but happy that Reggie is free of the bad times.

    Reggie was so lucky to have made his way to you and to have had those last six years being safe and loved.

    We will be thinking of you both as we say our prayers tonight.

    Bert and My Vickie

  20. My heart goes out to you and your dear Reggie. I saw your comment on Ina's blog. The tears are flowing as I type this. I, too, know the pain of losing our beloved furry friends. Oh how I grieved...and still do...for my big guy that passed about a year and a half ago now. I still miss him every day. My prayers are with you and your family. Rest in peace Reggie.

  21. I just found this post and I am so sorry about Reggie....I know it was time for him to go and that you will miss him so much but now he can run run run and no more sickness......

    I have grown fond of Reggie as you have shared him with us through the tears are with you sweet Noreen......

  22. Oh Noreen, I am so sorry!! I can totally understand your feelings for your Reggie, it breaks our hearts to let them go. May all of your memories with him give you comfort as you deal with your loss. HUGS and God's comfort to you and your family.

  23. Oh Noreen, I have tears. tears. I know how much you loved your babies. I know how much you are hurting. I'm holding you in my prayers of comfort. I love you.

  24. I've been thinking so much about you. What a beautiful tribute to your precious Reggie, that I know was met at the bridge by Sadie and your beloved sister. ~~God Speed Reggie~~

  25. Tears are falling!!! Sweet Reggie we will all miss you. Say Hi to my Bambi girl. I miss her so much but I know you two will have fun and play and wait for us to join you!!
    So so so very sorry Noreen, for your loss!!!! Love you, Fern

  26. Oh I am soooo sorry about Reggie, and your pain. I know what it feels like, and it just plain hurts! I betcha when he ran thru those Pearly Gates, your sister was waiting with open arms.

  27. Rest in Peace, sweet Reggie.

    Both of you were so lucky to know such love, especially when it started "by accident" as you described. What a sweet love-filled life you gave Reggie.


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