Thursday, March 22, 2012

Another Great Book

Karen Kingsbury has been one of my all time favorite authors for years.  Her stories about the Baxter family kept me reading during the years when I was so busy I could barely think. Her latest series, Bailey Flanigan, are such good reads.  Yesterday I sat outside in the afternoon and read.  However, now I'm so anxious  to read the next two in the series that I'm sure hoping my library has the next one.
 This afternoon hubby and I are having our eyes checked , which is long overdue.
Today I'm thankful for the year that we had Tim Tebow playing for the Broncos.  I've got to admit my friends, that I've been one of those fans very upset that he was traded. In a perfect world, the Broncos would have kept him to be mentored by Manning.  He did so much for our team and for our state; I know there are a lot of us who will follow him with our loyalty.  I do have to remember though that men may make their plans but God has the last word.  Tim is His man and God has mighty plans for him.  New York's gain is our loss.
Have a wonderful day today!


  1. Yes I am still confused by the trade of Tebow. I hope he excels in New York.
    Now I wonder what my friend, Eric, will do with his Tebow Time Tattoo.
    Gooses MOM

  2. Sounds like a good read...I haven't read these but have friends that have and they all love the series....
    I love an afternoon where I can curl up with a book and read to my heart's content....

    I hope your afternoon is wonderful...

  3. Hi Noreen!! I'll have to remember this book--It sounds like a good read!!

    I have to admit that I felt sorry for Tebow, New York people this morning didn't seem to know the gem they were getting! I hope the big city doesn't change the person he is!

  4. I have been so out of it...tired and ...tired!!!
    Have been trying to keep up but not having time (to many kids) to actually comment. How exciting that you are getting ready for a vacation. Tanning (o:
    I was so sad and mad about Tebow. He is the only reason I watched football this last year.
    I have been reading a lot lately... on my Kindle... mostly free books (o:

  5. Sorry for your Tim Tebow loss. He seems like such an amazing young man; I'll bet it was fun cheering him on this last year.

  6. I think that they should have kept him too. I will look for that book. Good luck with your eye exams!!!


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