Thursday, March 8, 2012

Do You Want To Play Hookey?

I saw this theme earlier, in the week and thought what a great idea it was.  How many of us ever played hookey in high school?  I didn't exactly but did have what was known as a Senior Pass, which meant senior students with high GPA's could take liberties that others couldn't-such as leaving school, writing your own notes to get back into school etc etc. I don't remember every taking advantage of it, well maybe once to write myself a note back in.  But today, after reading a couple of emails, I thought I'd love to just be able to pop over and see some dear friends.
So here are my dreams of  going around blog land.
1.  I have a very best friend Becky, at Junk to Joy, who I would love to just pop in and help today; she's got not one, but two, weddings coming up in the next couple of months and could use an extra pair of hands.  Becky and I haven't met, but let me tell you we are so very close and we are both thankful to the Lord for bringing us together.
2.  I have another friend, Beth at an Instrument for His Glory, would lives in Louisiana and went on a search for a young man along the Natchez I would have loved to join them, to meet Beth and spend some time with her praying and just hanging out.
3.  On this trip, it wouldn't be complete if I didn't stop in and spend some time with another good friend, Miriam, at treasures from a grateful heart.
4. Of course, I should probably go to the eastern coast area and see Kim at Life at Golden Pines and play with all her pups.
5.  Lisa Shaw is another great lady I would have liked to have met while in Florida.
6.  Although there are so many friends I'd like to visit today, Kris at Simplify would definitely be on my list if I headed to warm southern Ca.  Of course, I'd spend some time with Debbie, The Way We Are,  too as she is a little north of Kris. 
Since I can't  just be where ever I wish, I will head to my ladies brunch today to celebrate the end of James.  I hope you have a wonderful day and daydream about places and people you'd like to see today.
Joy To You~Noreen


  1. I work at a High School as the Attendance Secretary. Never heard of students legitimately writing their own notes.
    If I catch a student writing their own note, they get suspended.
    Playing Hookey is a senior tradition.
    Love how you would love to visit all your friends.

  2. Oh how fun...I love how you took off on my "playing hooky" post. Kim also took off on it and shared her "hooky" day.

    I think your sounds wonderful...and even if God doesn't give us the pleasure of meeting our blogging friends this side of heaven, we can through their blogs and then live in eternity with them

    Great post...good twist on the I should see who else took off on the theme How fun!

  3. What a fun post!! You would be on my list too Noreen!! I'd love to just sit and chat and enjoy your company, meet Reggie and see your world!! It makes me smile just to think about it!! I hope your day has been a fun and enjoyable one!!

    PS: Todd's day-care closed when they lost their lease, so that's why I'm having to find a new one.

  4. Oh Noreen...what a thrill it was to read your post, and just to know that if you would come to see me. And I too, if I could, would certainly come to your town, to your home, to your door, to meet you face to face and perhaps have a cup of tea, and talk about our families, and our love of quilting. Who knows...maybe one day we will get to do that. And until then, we have our blogs to stay connected to our kindred spirits!!
    Much love,

  5. What fun! I think we all should play hookey every once in awhile.

  6. Noreen...
    Look at my won a coffee cozie! 8~)

  7. What a cute theme! I never played hookey when I was in school, but I did take a "mental health" day at work on occasion. ;-)

  8. Oh Noreen I LOVED your hookey day. There are soo many of my blogging friends I'd love to meet too and trust me lady you are right at the top of my list. I think we'd have a fabulous time at the fabric stores etc., but how I'd love to just sit and talk about life and pray with you etc. Who knows? Maybe some day. Have a wonderful week-end! HUGS

  9. Noreen - the search turned up nothing. Not any clues at all.. Please continue to pray for that family.

    We saw about 8 snakes (water Mocassins and copperheads) on the 2nd search, but God protected us all and we didn't get hurt or step on any. They pretty much left when we walked up.

    Thanks so much!!

  10. Of course Noreen, if you made to Florida, you would HAVE to stop at the state border to fill up with gas. Kingsland, GA has the best deals, and I would meet your for brunch at the Cracker Barrel!
    How FUN! Keep dreaming of your travels, dear've made us all smile!


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