Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy, Happy Friday to you! What a beautiful morning it is here in Colorado; I've been busy already-my hour class at the gym, garage sales at which I didn't find a thing and now I'm going to walk. Yesterday's eye exam was non-eventful, my vision is pretty much the same-not too much worse, but I've got some clogged ducts so I need to start compresses twice a day.  Yesterday hubby and I didn't get out for a ride; he took me on some errands, which means took me birthday shopping. We found a couple of spring tops and I got a new juicer-yippee!  The one I got last summer was alright but I think on its last legs, so now I'll be set for the season. I so love vegetable juice and this makes it easy to have a juice drink for lunch every day; plus you get so many servings of vegetables daily-so many in fact that you couldn't eat them all at one meal. 
I also got two new pairs of "Fat Free Dressing Yoga Pants"; my daughter & family went down to Costco and they were on sale so instead of one pair, I got two.  I love these pants and considering I always have such a hassle getting pants of any type to fit me, these are great and they also have a panel around the middle to hide the stomach fat.
Not too much else happening here; tomorrow we do celebrate our youngest granddaughter's birthday-she will be two.  I will make sure to take photos, especially of the cake that sil Eric makes.
I hope you have a wonderful day today and weekend.
Joy to you~Noreen


  1. Have a wonderful day and weekend too. Are the eye compresses working well? Those yoga pants sound intriguing, I will see if our Costco has them.

  2. I've been thinking about getting a juicer. I've been doing some research. It sounds like they are expensive and last a long time or pretty cheap and replace often or don't handle certain foods. What kind do you get?
    Praying your eyes get better. Enjoy your weekend and PARTAY ON!!!!

  3. Hi,
    sounds like a wonderful day you had yesterday. I am spending today cleaning my carpets :( 3 big dogs means carpet needs cleaned.
    How is your pupper doing?
    Hope you have a blessed weekend, look forward to seeing the cake photos. :)

  4. Those yoga pants sound interesting, but when I did a search online, I see that they come in 2 lengths - 31" and 34", both of which are too long (I need 28"). :-(

    Can't wait to see pictures of your granddaughter's birthday party! 2 is such a wonderful age.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. We have a juicer too, but have not used it much lately. what kind of juices do you make? Happy birthday by the way...hope you have a good one!
    Adventures In Faithful Living.

  6. Enjoy your new juicer Noreen, I enjoy mine and will be so glad when I can get fresh veggies from the garden.
    We are inn full swing with projects and planting around here. ~smile`
    Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Have a great weekend. I'm working in my yard. The weather is really nice.


  8. Hope your little grand daughter has a fun birthday tomorrow. It was a beautiful day here too so we spent it out hiking.

    Enjoy your weekend


  9. happy birthday! a juicer and yoga pants...pretty good day for you! yea! have fun!!

  10. Nice gifts!!! When is your birthday Noreen?


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