Friday, February 9, 2018


Happy Friday!  It has been in the low 30's today and is so cold and dreary out. Lots of Hoary Frost on the trees as well; we are supposed to get snow tonight and tomorrow, so I'm planning on sewing.  After my mini quilt group today, hubby and I went out and found a refrigerator on sale(beat all the local prices) for President's Day.  It wasn't our first choice-most of those were on back order until May and we need one asap.  This morning when I came out, I heard this humming noise and it was our fridge-oh my.  Thankfully nothing was leaking and the fridge was still working.  Our new one will be here on Monday and we are hoping it lasts for many years.  I did some reading this week and read that most refrigerators only last 6-9 years now.  The one thing I need to think through is that it is so nice and new, I'm not sure I want to put on our white board calendar on it...that might have to be moved to another area.  We'll see.  I love having our calendar right where we can see it; that way I don't forget dates.
We started watching the Olympics last night-mainly figure skating and also Curling.  Can't wait to see the opening ceremonies tonight.  Right now I am so tired that I could take a short nap, due partially to cutting back on caffeine, but don't think I will.
Sending hugs your way.


  1. Nothing lasts like it used to. We have an upright freezer in our garage that was a gift to Mom and Dad from her Mom when they bought their first house in 1974!!!! It runs like a charm. And yet they have been through about 6 refrigerators in that same time period!!! Good luck with the new one.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  2. It is a same that the new items are not made to last like they did years ago. I watched on Thursday night and I enjoyed the opening ceremony last night. Can't wait to see more. Enjoy.....

  3. It is a shame that the products made nowadays don't last nearly as long as they used to. Nothing stays the same, does it? So thankful we have an awesome GOD who never changes! Sending hugs your way, sweet friend, and praying for you every day.

  4. I'm happy your refrigerator issue is now resolved, my friend. Appliance troubles are the worst. Love, Andrea (from my new "home" on Blogger) xoxo


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