Monday, July 11, 2016

Happy Monday to you!  It seems like forever since I've been able to get around to see you all; I'm hoping that my blogging buddy KB does not loose her home or area due to the wildfire that is raging near her.  She and her pack were evacuated this weekend; I'm hoping the CDF got that fire out.
Today we leave Redmond~we've had a wonderful time here and the time flew by. I will say we packed so much into each and every day that I was exhausted by the time we turned in at night.
Yesterday we saw a great State Park-Smith Rock.  We hiked, saw Rock Climbers and even saw a High Wire walker-similar to a tight rope.  I can tell you that the two walkers were so high~I'll post pictures when I'm home.  I've already packed my things in the car and after we have breakfast, hubby will pack the rest.  We head to Ogden today; I had hoped to find a quilt store to look for a Row By Row pattern, but didn't find any on the web.  Tomorrow morning we will head home; today's drive about 9 hours and tomorrow we will drive about 6/7 hours.  There are two quilt stores in Cheyenne that I want to stop in at.  Actually, there were so many in Laramie that I'll have to make a day trip out of going up there.  I will say that I have enough projects to last till December.  I have my two quilts from the classes, one is for Christmas.  Then I also bought fabric for a throw for Christmas and a book with gifts for the grands.  I am still looking for a winter project, but I fell in love with a kit at the store where I belong to the Monthly Quilt Club, so that may end up in my stash.
So many wonderful memories were made this week.  Over our lives we have made many dear friends~some have been around since we were kids, while others have been in our lives for the last twenty plus years.  Barb and I are so close-she has been my best friend, mentor with sewing & quilting and understands my quirkiness.  I cherish our times together and also realize that distance has made our friendship deeper and stronger.  Our passion for quilting has helped too.  WE laugh so much when we play cards and she is there to help with any corrections I might need to make while sewing.  She grew up sewing and is a natural quilter, something I am not.  I do try hard though.
So until we travel again together, I'm/we are sending all my love with Jim and Barb. It's been a trip of a lifetime.  Home awaits us with our loved ones, grands and our Hunter.  Can't wait.


  1. Noreen, So glad you enjoyed your time away. I too hope your friends don't lose their home. Those fires are so scary, I worry for in their paths. Pray for the fire fighters too. Blessings for a safe trip back to your home and loved ones. xoxo, Susie

  2. Soo glad you had such a nice trip with your friends...nothing like it really. Have a safe travels home!

  3. As wonderful as it is to get away (even to Sisters), it's always equally wonderful to return home, to the people we love. Wishing you a safe trip back home.

  4. Bless hubby for being so patient! Assuming he isn't a quilter lol! See ya later!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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