Friday, July 15, 2016

2016 Sisters Quilt Show

Happy Friday Friends! Here are most of our photos from Sisters Oregon. I will say that they aren't in order, but I know you'll enjoy them just the same. The weather was pleasant and not too hot-which would have made it a much shorter day. The Quilters Affair which organizes the show and all the classes has a whopping 1300 quilts on display, throughout the town and in the stores. I've been to some big shows, but not for years and this one was phenomenal! I can tell you that by the end of the day, I was pretty wiped out and the quilts were starting to look alike to me.

This old Model A truck had the bed filled with flowers.  It was in such good shape.
Flowers abounded everywhere, not only in Sisters but also in Bend and Redmond.
Loved this barn.

I posted the pic below on FB and someone asked if we were really in the paper-the answer is no, it was a prop.

This shot of Main Street doesn't show how crowded it really was.

The week was so jam packed that there was little down time.  Now back at home, my days are a bit slower, but still filled. I've got one quilt up on the wall so I can begin sewing the blocks together.  The other red and white wall hanging is where I put it-still want to work on that this weekend.
I hope you've enjoyed this; I've got more pics for next week.  I hope that what ever your creative outlet is, you'll find time to enjoy it this weekend.
Joy to you~


  1. Noreen, That's a lot of talent !!! I loved the ones you showed us and I can only imagine the rest. Great headlines in the paper. LOL. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. I just LOVE the flag quilt! I'd love to go to Sisters! Thanks for sharing part of your trip with us!

  3. Mom went to a quilt show in Pennsylvania one time and loved it. Those people are so talented
    Lily & Edward

  4. Wow, I'm impressed. Looked like it was a great show! So glad you got to attend.

  5. Noreen, such beautiful quilts and talented stitchers. I always thought Sisters had the most beautiful flowers lining their streets..Happy Weekend..Judy

  6. All those quilts are incredible. We too were very struck by the flag quilt and the rainbow one. So very beautiful!!!

  7. What gorgeous quilts! No way can we pick a favorite! Our mom is loving the Model A pickup☺

  8. Wow, there is some huge talent there! Beautiful work!
    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    Pee Ess - Please send POTP to my fiance' Ruby. She is at ER. No other information available.

  9. Wasnt it just amazing? Your photos are beautiful...
    And Oregon,, isn't it beautiful!

  10. Thanks so much for sharing. You've fueled my desire to go all the more.

  11. Beautiful quilts! I especially like the colors in the third one. My mom is a prolific quilter, too, and has made some beautiful quilts over the years. The patience! The time! I admire those of you who complete such large projects.
    I love quiet time to create -- not had much of that lately, but hope to after daughter's wedding!


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