Monday, March 7, 2016

Thoughts on Organizing

Happy Monday to you! With spring almost here(in my dreams)and my finishing piecing our queen Log Cabin, my sewing closet and fabric bins was a mess. I'd been wanting to organize it, but initially thought I'd wait until I took my machine in for servicing. This last week though,I decided it was a good time to start; let's just say the mess in my closet was driving me nuts. I am sharing this because some have asked for it. My sewing closet is not like some-you know the ones with with baskets that hold their stash and perfectly folded fabric. I will say that I'm getting better about cutting pieces before I'm done with them-meaning I take off the odd edges etc. so they fold in neat little squares.  So although for now I count this as being good, I still have one area to work on more. I choose to use plastic bins for my fabric because we always seem to have dust everywhere and being allergic to dust would cause me a problem. So I divided up my fabrics into colors-tan, white, green, blue, pink, purple, batik's, seasonal fabrics. I did iron and fold them all neatly; I also had two bins for larger pieces of fabric-from 1/2 yard to 2 yards. I also put all my fabric from the Log Cabin into one bin as I will need to make pillow shams;  my fabric and square for the Honor Flight went in a separate bin, which I need to use this week.

This is the area that I need to do more work on; what you don't see if the pieces of wool batting that will be used for the pillow shams. Yes, I do hope to quilt those too-but we'll see.
This is the other end of the closet-mainly I have hanging bags up there, some misc. quilted runners and my templates. You can see I always have a couple of stuffed treasures and pillows for the grands.
This week is already shaping up to be very busy.  I have a friend coming over today to spend the day with me~she broke her shoulder and can't drive, plus she and her hubby live with their daughter, sil, seven kids and two German Shepherds.  To say she needs time away from the noise and hectic life is an understatement.  We will walk this morning before the rain rolls in and then find something fun to do after lunch. Tomorrow will find me sewing~I've got to prep and cut fabric for the granddaughters sewing-which will be Honor Flight squares and then have commitments with friends on Wednesday and Thursday as well as sewing.  On Friday I have my quilt group here, so need to get goodies for the ladies.
We had a nice weekend and yesterday I spent 6 hours quilting; I've got 10 out of 36 squares done.  Don't know how much time, except in the evenings, I'll have this week. I think the most exciting thing happening this week is our oldest grandson is turning 15!  Wow, is all I can say.  Besides that Carrie's family gets the new puppy on Friday-I for one, can't wait to meet her. 
I hope you had a great weekend and that your week will start out well.
Joy to you!


  1. Hi Noreen! I don't sew, but my writing area gets really crowded and messy, so I can relate that way to your closet. I think the bins must really help you get organized, right?

    What a lovely thing you're doing for your friend! She does live a busy, busy place. Phew! A little 'friend time' and a quiet walk sounds like exactly what she could use.
    Happy greetings with the newest puppy!!

  2. You have been very productive and I admire how you organized your fabrics in the plastic containers.

  3. Your organization looks awesome....way to go! Have a great time with your friend and it does sound like she needs some time away from her family. Have a fun time with the puppy too!

  4. Your mom is a very good organizer, our mom is NOT. enough said. stella rose

  5. oh my goodness Noreen, your fabric being folded and sorted according to color seems good as it is, but hearing its ironed too, well now you REALLY have done well! You'd cry if you saw mine, lol. I have drawers and drawers of it [kind of like your storage bins] but I am lucky if it has stayed according to type. Cotton, knits, flannel, quilting etc. How I would love to have it all ironed and organized according to color etc. I honestly wouldn't know how to act. I can search for hours it seems to find sometimes what I am looking for. I need you next door so you could help me and motivate me to get this mess of mine together, lol.
    Sounds like a busy week...enjoy!

  6. Noreen, Hope you and your friend had a good walk. Your closet looks good to me , so organized. Can't wait to see the sewing. Bless you, xoxo,Susie

  7. I feel like everyone is spring cleaning and organizing BUT me. My mom just did a whole kitchen organization thing..hahaha.

  8. That looks great! I love to organize!

  9. You are so very organized, Noreen! As organized as I am, I could probably learn a lesson or two from you! Many blessings, Cindy xo


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