Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Happy March

Happy March to you! March always signifies spring weather, new life with plants and animals and celebrating the great outdoors~of course that is what it signified for me living in northern California. I still remember the scent of the Cherry Trees in bloom; the winds that allowed for kite flying and especially daffodils blooming. Here in Colorado, March can be such a different month; one of blizzards, high winds,heavy rains or a bit of all three. I usually stock up on some canned goods for the basement, just in case of a natural disaster.
 This week it is a week of anticipation, a week where my daughter's family will possibly get their new puppy-that brings me great joy. I've shown this before, but here is the Momma dog. She's a beauty and I'm hoping the female puppy they get isn't any taller.

Here is the latest picture the breeder sent. At first, I thought it was a stuffed dog until I looked closer. Our grandson wasn't happy with the nose being shaved, but that will grow out. As you can see from the photo of the Mother dog, the cut is not a traditional show cut. This is the cut that they will have for the puppy.
I love the eyes on this pup-she is beautiful and the breeder says she is so sweet and laid back.  She will be joining a household of 6 kiddos and another dog, so she better be laid back. 
I'm heading down to sew right now, but hope you have a wonderful start to a new month.
Joy to you!


  1. I can't believe it is March. Where is this year going??

  2. Oh that's great news about the pup, hope all get along well and have fun with her . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  3. Hi Noreen! You have such a tender heart for animals! This little one is diving into a lot of noise and love, that's for sure! I know the crack-in time will be short, and pretty soon, this dog will be the favorite snuggle pal!
    Blessings on your hand-sewing :)

  4. What a cute pup! I've finally persuaded DH to consider another dog when things get to where we can go back home.

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  6. Noreen, I wish everyone luck with the new puppy. It's a pretty color. Shaving around the face will help keep it clean . :) Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  7. OH how exciting! The new puppy looks just precious, and I know your family can't wait to meet him!! And about the March weather and stocking up - you are so right... March can be one of the most unpredictable months for sure! Hopefully we get through the month without any wild storms, and I wish the same for you all too! Have a wonderful day in your sewing room :)

  8. Mom Kim here - I don't get around to many other blogs like I would like to - thank you for stopping by. I have seen a few other blogs doing 30-day challenges from Chewy but we never got an offer until now and I really appreciate it. When I first got into this Chewy Influencer group I was very skeptical that there were actually companies out there willing to do things like that - but in the few years I have been a pet blogger, my eyes have been opened several times by the great things that come as a result of that, including the great "friends" one can make.

  9. Oh that pup is so cute, I know that will just love her, so sweet! I love the photos from your last post as well. Reminds me a little of the summer we spent in Jackson Hole, WY. So many wonderful wildlife photos and sightings. May you be blessed this week, Cindy xo


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