Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Goals for 2014

For many people New Years ushers in a set of new plans, resolutions or habits to establish. I haven't done that for  years, although I do like to look realistically at myself and try to make changes that are needed.  Last week, I was visiting a blog and she posted about Goals.  In an effort to look at my life and see what I need to accomplish, I decided to write down some things for the New Year.
~Purge unnecessary items and organize
~Pack up and give away items no longer needed
~Organize and pack for our move
~Get the yard in shape
~Spend more time pursuing hobbies with hubby
~Continue to walk a minimum of 4 times a week
~Continue to bike with my BFF 4-5 times a week, minimum of 8 miles a day
~Resist buying items for the new house that are not a necessity
~Embrace loving family and friends
~Pursue relationships that build up and don't tear down.  Be the friend that I want others to be to me.
~Stand up for myself when other people get in my face and yell or swear at me; let them know this is not o.k.-this does not refer to my family,they would never treat me like that!
~Draw boundaries when necessary, it will grow a healthier friendship.
~I will no longer allow others to bully, swear, yell at me because I am not meeting their expectations.
~Do not put myself in the situation that will provoke another's bullying; walk away when necessary
~Respect myself; if I heard someone treating a loved one like the way I've been talked to, I would be there defending them-so why not do that for myself
~Forgive those who have offended and hurt me
~Extend mercy and grace whenever possible
~Try to model the way Jesus lived.  Let my life model His Love poured out to others; realize this does not mean being a doormat for others
~Love as if it is my last day and let others know how much I love and value them
~Again, be the friend I want others to be to me.  Shower love on others, they may not have another person that does
  Please know that I am not sharing these to whine or complain, but to remind myself that I can choose what is acceptable to me and what is definitely not.

Seize the day, dear friends.  I hope to see your goals for this New Year!
Joy to you!
Noreen and an ever present shadow, Hunter


  1. LOL you read our thoughts. We were just having a little clear out to give to our local charity shop. Hope you have success with your resolutions. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Phew,what a list! Can I add one?
    "Be gentle on yourself"
    Sending lotsaluv

  3. Wow, that is a big list! Are you doing it all at once or breaking it up?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Great list, I think I may steal a few of those :) Stay warm!!

  5. I have a mental list for myself and wrote down a few too...the bullying thing sounds scary....stay safe friend.
    It is always helpful to write down what we want to accomplish. Think I need to do the same! Happy day, Noreen!

  6. That is a great list! You are certainly going to be busy....way to go! I definitely have to do those first two this year, I'm so tired of neglecting my house...darn computer!

  7. Be kind to yourself and have fun with the new house. I know you are in for a year of transitions and that can be difficult and over powering, but you can do this with prayer and understanding that its just a transition and soon enough things will settle into place and you will find your new groove.
    What a job just packing for the move and finding things you forgot you had. It can be a fun time of exploration and you never know what you might learn about yourself in it. ;)

  8. That is a very aggressive list Noreen! Good luck with all of those!! Hugs to Hunter! xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  9. Good list. Praying for a blessed 2014.


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