Monday, January 20, 2014

As many of you know, hubby and I bought a new home and will be moving in late spring. We also choose to buy some of the seller's furniture because they are down sizing; these two couches and ottomans will be staying in the family room. On Friday, hubby and I drove down to Costco to rejoin; they will be opening a new Costco near us next Oct. and I am so excited to have one close.  Being 45 min away has just made it difficult to belong, until now. On the way home from Costco, we stopped at American Furniture to see what type of chairs we could get to add to this seating arrangement. It may look perfect as it is, but when we have all 11 grands over there just isn't enough seating. Hubby and I love recliners, so we are tossing around the idea of repositioning the large couch to opposite the the loveseat and putting something else in between them.

My question for you is~ would you choose recliners or a loveseat that reclines? I am also hoping to find a fabric on some sort; most of the furniture in the house is leather. We love leather because we are so very hard on furniture and it seems to last a lot longer than some fabrics, especially with dogs. However, I would love to add in something else.The ottomans are from Eddie Bauer and a rich jewel toned fabric.  I am thinking maybe a tan or brown corduroy or microfiber.  I would love a heavy broadcloth too; as long as it could be washed.  So many of you have wonderful decorating ideas, so if you would share your thoughts or inspirations, I would appreciate it.
We had a great weekend; spending time with family and watching football.  I worked on two last doll dresses and today will be going to our monthly craft group. I've decided not to participate making a Valentine's Day wreath, I just have too many things already and don't want to add more.
Joy to you!


  1. Oh the reclining love seat is what I, Goose, would choose. Perfect for snuggling with my MOM. Of course I would snuggle anywhere, even on the floor.

  2. We'd be no help as we are across the pond and what is available here won't be for you. Have fun shopping. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Good morning! I love a good decorating and arranging dilemma/question... I know just what you mean about needing the extra seating. I have got a couch, loveseat, and 3 chairs in my family room and truthfully whenever the family is there it is still hardly enough, lol. My couch, love seat and one chair (which is soo giant two thin adults CAN sit in it, or two kids easily ~ this is our dog's spot when no one else is here but hubby and I, haha) is burgundy leather as well...and we bought them for the same reason. Wears soo much better and lasts much longer with kids and pets. And the other two chairs are fabrics. In the giant room rug on the floor there is navy, burgundy, gold, and some olive green. One of the chairs is a recliner/rocker and a perfect shade of olive green, and the other is a glider/rocker that is a burgundy, gold, and olive green floral print. Goes perfectly. I love the look of mixing leather with some fabrics. If I were you I'd go with the two recliners rather than another love seat. Gives soo many more options than a love seat when it comes to seating. Plus the other way, with another love seat, it might look like you just added in another piece to to add it in. Which sounds funny I know, but do you know what I mean? You might want to consider lazy boy recliners that both rock and swivel in addition to recline. Lots more possibilities that way. Rocking babies is always nice. We have had ALL of this furniture for years as we had it at our other much bigger house. It took some doing, but I was determined to bring all of it, as I knew how we used it all when we are all together. I bet you didn't think you'd get such an opinionated opinion, haha. I am excited for you Noreen to get into your new home and get things set up...always fun. Enjoy your day!

  4. We had fun celebrating my son's birthday and watching football yesterday. I can't help you, I'm not a recliner person but we do have leather furniture in our home and we love it!

  5. My husband and I love sitting close, so for us we'd prefer a reclining love seat. It really is a matter of if you want your to share "personal space". We have microfiber on all of our furniture these days. It has held up well to our dogs and kids and is easy to clean. (One of our couches is microfiber trimmed in leather. It adds a nice contrast!)

  6. We are in the process of furniture shopping as well and are having the same love seat versus reclining love seat decision. Currently we have lazy boy sofa, love seat and chair...all reclining. All the reclining furniture we are finding now is way too big for room so we are changing to love seat/sofa that doesn't recline with ottoman hoping we are not going to regret!. I think if I could I would go for reclining

  7. OUR momma has lots of grandmonsters also and those recliners loverseats work just great! We like the recliners though so we can just have our mom to ourselves.
    stella rose

  8. I always end up on the floor with the pups. :)
    Beautiful furniture - and I love the quilt on the back of the couch!

  9. This sure is exciting, anything that reclines is nice

  10. I would probably opt for the two chairs for myself, Noreen. I think it is a lot more flexible and especially if you want to watch TV or something and go to stand up and both sides of the foot rest part are up-it can be pretty awkward to get up and out. Also, you can separate them for company or put them close together for just the two of you.

    Have fun- It is hard to pick furniture, isn't it? xo Diana

  11. I came to peek in on you- cause that is what I do,,, and I see you are very busy!

  12. Love the sofas and what fun to be moving to a new home in a few months....Wishing you well on your quest for new furniture...

  13. Since you have a couch and loveseat I would probably go with individual recliners/chairs. I have a wonderful reclining chair with an ottoman and LOVE it. The other thing about individual chairs is that you can move them around easily and change the seating arrangement when you need to. Have fun in the months ahead!!

  14. I would choose recliners. They are more versatile than a love seat and can be moved anywhere. Love your new house.

  15. I would choose the reclining loveseat so I could snuggle with my honey.


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