Friday, January 31, 2014

Dreaming of Spring

Happy Friday Folks~Last night the snow started to fall and it hasn't stopped. The cold front was a "Pineapple Express" from the west and the snow is so wet-like Sierra Sludge. This is what we woke up to today-almost 5" overnight. Hubby got out and shoveled the driveway and sidewalks right away and then I shoveled Hunter a path and patch of lawn(you can see it in the background). It is going to be an inside day for me; hubby went to Pickleball but I think it will be a small group-too much snow on the roads.

While I will be working on packing my sewing room today, my hubby is dreaming of warmer, sunny days in Kauai. We head there this spring to join his Peeps, shown here; they are his best friends from California and we meet them every two years for an intensive time of golf. The guys just play while the girls enjoy the weather and the shops; this year I will be spending time with Val of My Girlz Got Paws blog. I'm so excited to finally meet Val face to face and see the island through her eyes. This will be our 9th trip and we still have so much to discover.

Last night our sil came over and within a few minutes had our new t.v. up and running-so good we have younger family members that understand all the tecky things. Reminds me of my mom when she had to learn computers-it was so hard for her and this was back in the 70's. Wednesday marked the 39th anniversary of her going home to glory; remembering dates like this is a family thing or maybe just Irish. It seems like a lifetime ago, but then I was a different person-still so young and immature. She never got to see me married or my girls, but I know she smiles down on me. I see traits of hers in my brother and myself as well as one of my girls and some of my grands. Just the inflection of certain words comes straight from her brogue-it always makes me laugh.
 I hope you have a warm and wonderful weekend.


  1. I can't even send you some CA sun. It has been missing

  2. No sun here either just endless rain. At least here it is not cold. Wishing you all a break in the weather. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. much snow! Little overcast here today and we are suppose to get actual rain on Sun! Sure hope so, how we need it. Bet you are really looking forward to Hawaii. Have a good week-end Noreen!

  4. Wow...what fun to spend so much time in Hawaii....Your snow looks a bit deep even for Iowa standards!

  5. How exciting! A trip to Hawaii this spring! And extra special that you get to meet up with a bloggy friend. Be sure to take plenty of pictures to share with us!

    Glad you got your TV running.

    I think that if we lose someone significant, we always remember that date ... I know I'll always remember December 24, 2006 when we lost my mom.

    Have a fabulous Friday!

  6. I've never been to Hawaii but I'm sure it will be a great trip for you! Although I LOVE Phoenix, I actually miss the snow (once in awhile). Hope your inside day is productive!!

  7. I think we are all dreaming of Spring lol ! Sounds like a fun trip. Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

  8. My friends in Breckenridge got whalloped! They're thrilled - out skijoring with their Siberians. We're due to get hit tonight; we've had flurries off and on all day. I hope to go out birding tomorrow, so I really hope it fizzles out; is that horrible?

  9. Glad you get to go to Hawaii this spring!! I am SO looking forward to going south. This winter has been nothing but nonstop snow and absolutely frigid below zero temperatures!! When I worked at Xerox, it was my job to teach the bosses how to use the was a challenge with some of them!! I still miss my mom every day...she suffered from Alzheimer's prior to her death and that was especially difficult to deal with. Have fun with your sewing!! Hugs to Hunter! xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  10. Stay in and stay warm! I loved your little bit about your Mom. I am sure is smiling on you!
    xo Kris

  11. The pineapple express didn't give us much. Not sure how much snow is in the mountains. Mom hurted her knee so she hasn't been outside in days.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  12. Enjoy some sun when it comes. We know what its like to miss someone too

  13. We got about an inch of the dryer stuff, but more coming tonight. My mom has been on the other side for 19 years now. It certainly does seem like she missed being here when all the great things have happened. She did get to hold each of my kids and see them grow some, but she is looking down on all of us.
    How is your packing going? Great weather to get stuff like that done.

  14. We sure miss the HI beach. Yesterday we are so happy to see a flower from our orchid plant. Missing the sun today as it is snowing again. You get to see Val soon. Happy Weekend. Golden Woofs

  15. Your last paragraph hit home for me. My mom died almost exactly 26 years ago - and I hear her voice coming out of my mouth or my brother's mouth many times. She lives on in us. Oh, how I wish she could've seen us grown up... but maybe she is looking down on us.

    Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday!


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